Too Late For Septic Bacteria?

Is it ever too late to start to add septic tank bacteria?

Yes and no is the answer. You can go years with a septic tank system working just fine before you have a problem with it. The first problem is thinking that you can go years with no maintenance at all and only get it pumped when it clogs up the pipes or backs up the septic tank. This is the wrong way to take care of your expensive septic tank system.

Think of your septic tank system like the oil in your car. You change the oil in your car to keep the car’s engine as new as possible. You just do not change the oil only when you blow up the engine. Replacing the engine when if blows up is expensive so changing the oil is alot cheaper.

Pumping your septic tank every 2 to 3 years is a good idea if your septic system was designed for your needs. The keyword is for your needs.

Not every septic tank system is designed for your needs and not every septic system is overbuilt even when people tell us that their septic system is, it’s not.

Is it safe to add septic tank bacteria to a septic system that has not been serviced in a long time?

Yes it is safe to add septic bacteria to a system even if you do not know the history of it or the last pumping date. If this is the case, We advise to double up on the recomend dose. This may help stop a back up.

If you are buying a home with a septic tank, Treat it like it was abused. Use as little as waster as possible. When you can call a septic professional to excavate up the lids on the septic tank. This will help see how the septic tank is operating and if more bacteria is needed.

Can septic tank bacteria reverse a abused septic tank?

Yes it can if the right septic bacteria is used at the correct time, A abused septic tank could come back to proper working order over time.

Mother Nature and a septic system go hand and hand, and work together, and with a little help from you, Mother Nature and your septic tank could work trouble free.

What septic tank product should I use?

Everyday you should be asking yourself if something you are putting down your drains is harming your septic tank. If you have this mindset, Your septic system will work better. Even if you do this, Your septic tank still needs extra help that a septic tank bacterial product could provide. We do not suggest at all to buy a bacteria product for septic tanks from a local hardware store or a big box store. They tend to be low quality, heavy marketed products that are not worth the price you may pay. Using a store product will also just fill your septic system needlessly.

A good example is a BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. It comes in a year supply of septic bacterial packets that you just toss into your toilet once a month. That one packet once a month is more powerful then any big box store product. You would have to use 2 bottles everyday to equal one packet of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier! Using BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier IS working with Mother Nature and not against her.

What would help my septic drain field?

A clogged septic drain field, septic fingers, septic chambers, septic mound system to even a septic cesspit, When they clog up, It gets expensive real fast to fix and almost all the time, the fix is a new expensive one. 10 thousand dollars and on up to replace a drain field is not uncommon. In many parts of the country, You can not replace or even service a septic system in the winter, So if it backs up late fall, You are in trouble because you then have very limited use of your toilet,Shower, Bath and sinks until late spring!

The best thing to do with any septic system is to always have your covers raised to grade and easy to get to. When you have this, You have a fighting chance to get your toilet system back to working order. BioForce Combo Special will help reverse the clogged up drain field. Just pour one gallon into your septic drain field’s inspection port and let the septic system rest for 2 days. Use no water at all except for flushing your toilet. After 2 days, Take a look into your septic drain field’s inspection port and if you see less water in there, Add 2 gallons of the BioForce Combo Special in and let it rest for another 2 days. After 2 days, Take a look into the inspection port and you should see no water. Add one packet of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier into the inspection port and one packet into your toilet and flush twice and then let the system rest for 3 days. After 3 days, You can use very limited water down any drain. Make it a game to see who can use the least amount of water. This will also let your septic system rest for the longest amount of time and let the BioForce Combo Special work.

What if my drain field still will not drain?

If your drain field still did not work after you tried the above, Septic Scrub maybe your answer, But it will take a little work during the spring and summer to get the full benefit of it. Septic Scrub for it to work like it should, You have to pump dry your septic drain field and every finger before pouring the Septic Scrub in and then let the system rest for a week to let it work.

If the above advice does not work, Your septic system maybe overloaded and not designed for your needs or just flat out dead and the only thing to do is a new expensive septic system sized to your needs.

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BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier has a NEW LOOK!

BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier New Look!

BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is getting a new look! We were on the front lines of this new look and still working closely with the manufacture.

This is important as there are companies out there claiming to be selling BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier and they are not. They may look alike but they are not. After a little investigation, we found out they were selling a cheap Chinese knock off and not the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier that is PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA!

When you buy the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liqueifer from us, YOU ARE GETTING THE PRODUCT that we buy from the manufacture and not a cheap Chinese knock off that is circulating around the web.

We are authorized United States sellers of the BioForce Line of Septic Tank Bacteria products.

BioForce Septic Tank Bacteria products are MADE IN THE USA. The imported fake knock off actually cause expensive damage to septic tank systems. When our long time clients who purchased BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier or the complete line of BioForce septic tank bacteria, Never have the same negative problems that the Chinese knock off make!

The above picture is showing the old look of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liqueifier and the below picture is showing you the NEW LOOK!

There are benefits to the new look too!
     The new blue plastic can be recycled.(This is a big plus!) Is in a rain proof when closed fully. Is stronger then the old box and comes completely sealed for long term storage when purchased from us ONLY! So we strongly suggest you go to “Join Our Family” on our front page of our website ( and sign up to receive monthly discounts that only YOU and not the general public get and save even more!

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Septic Tank/Covid-19 Fall Winter Problems.

     Septic Tank-Covid-19 Fall/Winter Problems will happen this year. Septic tank systems of all types have taken a beating during the Covid-19 shutdown. Some of the benefits is that hopefully, we had our family and good friends close and were able to help everybody out. Family is the best feeling to have. With all the family at home and using water, Your septic system has taken a direct hit and even abuse of it without most knowing until a problem rears its ugly head like a clogged pipe, clogged septic tank filter to ponding above your leach field.

The next problem is that fall/winter is right around the corner, here is how to get ready.

The next problem is that fall/winter is right around the corner. Septic system problems during the fall/winter season is not something people look forward to like Christmas and the New Year, and most people during the Covid-19 shutdown have totally forgotten about their septic system and basic maintenance.

 Even if you see no noticeable problems, To survive the Fall/Winter without septic system problems will be a challenge this year

     Even if you see no noticeable problems, To survive the Fall/Winter septic system problems ahead will be a challenge this year. There are a few things you can do depending on your budget. You can just go and call in a expensive septic tank pumping company and pump your septic tank and jet your drain field at a expensive cost and that would basically solve a septic problem for a short time. Yes I said a short time because right when you start using that water, Your on a timeline for it to fail again. On the other hand, If you where using a high quality septic tank bacteria product before, during and the future, Your septic tank problems would be way less if you used your septic system like it was designed to operate. Mother Nature has her own timeline on things and her timeline in not overnight. Any septic tank bacteria product claiming to solve a septic problem overnight is just not true.  Septic tank bacteria takes time to adjust, Grow,populate,establish and digest septic tank waste and that is not overnight.

So what septic tank products do you suggest?

We strongly advise to use a septic tank product that you drop down your toilet once a month. This helps you keep your septic tank in your mind with the day to day activity of your home. This is a positive step because you will find yourself using less water and know when you can use some water and not damage your septic system.

     BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is an excellent once a month septic tank product. It’s low cost and powerful if used once a month.

If you have had problems in the past and want something with a little more punch, We suggest the BioFrce Combo Special. If comes with the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier and 4 gallons of strong industrial strength liquid septic tank bacteria. You use once a month packets down your toilet and every 2 weeks put a 4 ounce cup of the liquid bacteria down a sink. This combination will bring most septic systems back from a expensive pump and jet job from your local professional.

     Just these 2 products should help your septic system get back into operating like mother nature wants and what was designed to work .Hopefully this Covid-19 virus will just pass but the time we spent with our loved ones will be memories that last a lifetime.

Septic Tank-Covid-19 Fall/Winter Problems will happen, But is your septic tank ready for them?

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Owning a septic tank during the covid-19 virus and keeping it in good working order should not be hard and it is not when you use the right septic tank bacteria.

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Summer Time Septic Tank Life.

Right now your summer time septic tank life septic is at it’s most active. It is alive and breaking down septic waste at it’s fastest rate. It’s even working overtime if the right combination of septic bacteria is in your septic tank. The summer heat, The ground temperature, The concrete or plastic temperature all provides a high steady septic waste temperature and into the prime working Mother Nature environment. This is septic life during the summer.

If you removed your septic tank manhole and took a look in, You would see no movement or sound but in non vented septic tanks, A smell. That smell is a sign of two different things. One is that your septic tank is living and breathing and that you have to improve your venting system to your tank. If you do not improve the venting of your septic tank, Hydrogen sulfide will then began to eat, break down and soften up your septic tank. This is very dangerous as hydrogen sulfide will weaken the tank and it could cave in.

Right now your septic tank is also feeding your drain field with septic bacteria. That septic bacteria will help keep a typical drain field made of pipe or a newer chamber system draining by cleaning up any waste that made it past your septic tank. Your drain field must be vented also to aid in air circulation and to act like an inspection port.

What does this all mean for the owner of a septic tank system?

The summertime is the perfect time to make minor adjustments to the incoming waste to get your septic tank system ready for the winter. If you need to get your septic system pumped, repaired, or need to add septic tank bacteria to supercharge your septic, Now is the time to do so as when winter comes, Servicing, Repairs, or pumping is much harder to do and expensive also if done during the winter. If you do not know what to do, Starting to use a high-quality septic tank bacteria would be the low-cost first step to do to see how in a positive sense is would clean up your system. A product like BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier would be ideal and recommended to use as it’s a low cost, ease of use, and an industrial-strength septic tank bacteria can bring a failed or failing system back to life and draining if designed to handle the amount of waste being put into it.

Right now with a little planning you can have your septic system ready for the upcoming winter and be trouble-free.

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Do septic tank “cleaners” work?

     Septic tank products claim a lot and most dream up marketing ways to get people to buy their “Miracle” product. Sadly we field calls from people asking us questions about other products with such claims, and a “septic tank cleaner” is one of them.
      Let me say this right now, there is no bacterial”septic tank cleaner” that cleans your septic tank like a pump truck. You can not buy any “septic tank cleaner” and expect to clean your drain field overnight even if they use the word “guaranteed” in their marketing of the product.

Here is what happens when you buy one.

What we do find is that some “septic tank cleaner”s move the contents of a solid abused septic tank and feed that into your expensive drain field to clog it up, And when that clogs up everything stops dead and you can not use any water in your home or office. Not a good place to be as you have to spend big bucks to replace that drain field and pump that septic tank when if you just pumped that septic tank before you purchased a “septic tank cleaner”, You would have saved money.
     Now on the other side of the coin, If you wanted to keep your septic tank working like it was designed to and used a septic tank bacteria every month to keep it working and let the septic bacteria digest your septic waste over time and working with Mother Nature, You would not be replacing your septic drain field due to clogging from a “septic tank cleaner”.
     If you have not pumped your septic tank in many years, I suggest you use BioForce Septic Tank Bacterial Liquefier, One packet once a week into your toilet at night until you see the septic tank waste start to digest, Then use one packet of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier every 2 weeks until you see a noticeable reduction in septic waste, then use 1 packet once a month from then on.     By taking out advice you could save your expensive septic leach field and get your septic tank back to where it was designed to operate.

     For more tips please go to for more detailed information.

Septic Tank Bacteria and toilet bowl cleaners:

Septic Tank Bacteria: You better have it!

Septic Tank Products: Yes they work.

     One thing that some heavily marketed “Dig it yourself” septic tank restore products never tell you is it may work, It’s only part of an aeration treatment system and most likely will ruin your expensive drain field and not save it. They only work if your septic system is NOT failing your drain field and if your drain field has failed is that you MUST have multi other services done to it before installing their “Dig it yourself” aerator. 

      What do you have to do?

1. Locate and excavate your septic tank covers, Your “D” Box, and each leg to your drain field.

2. Pump and clean up your septic tank.

3. Pump each leg of your expensive drain field.

4. Sewer Jet or Hydro Scrub your drain field to open up the holes that the wastewater drains thru.

5. Mix up one pound of Bioforce dry bio digestant with water into a clean 5 gallon bucket with 110 degrees water. Mix every 5 min’s for an hour to speed up the activation of the all-natural septic bacteria and pour it into each leg of your drain field. Do this to each drain field and let it sit. Do not add any water into your drain field for as long as possible.

6. Install your “Dig it yourself” heavily marketed stripped-down aeration unit as directed by the manufacture and hope for the best. Installing this will be just like working on your own auto transmission and “Customer Service” Who may never installed their system by themselves, May answer with their pre written sales pitch, hide behind their lawyers answers.

7. Find out the guarantee of the “dig it yourself” stripped down aeration treatment unit and mark your calendar to remind you of the last date of the guarantee. 

8. If the “Dig it yourself” stripped down aeration treatment unit down does not work, Call the septic tank excavator you called to excavate your septic system to remove your “dig it yourself” aeration treatment unit.

9. Pump your failed septic tank and drain field.

10. PRAY you to get your money back from your “Dig it yourself” stripped down aeration treatment unit.

There is only one company that I have seen work…..

     There is only one company that I have seen it work that has added items to their professional designed septic tank aeration system and it is not the heavily marketed system you may be thinking of.
     Now if you pumped your septic tank and drain field, used a high quality easy to use septic tank bacteria from our site and used your septic tank system like it was designed to, You would have saved a lot of money if you just used a septic tank bacteria product that works with Mother Nature, Your septic tank, Your drain field, and the environment.

For more information please go to .

Septic Tank Bacteria: How much to add?

Do Septic “Cleaners” work?

Septic Tank Treatment during the Covid-19 virus.

     How you feed your septic tank with septic tank bacteria during the Covid-19 virus will make or break your winter.  The septic tank product you use today may stop a septic tank failure in the winter. Septic tank bacteria take time as it is controlled by Mother Nature who takes her time.  Using a septic bacteria product right now will not guarantee a septic tank failure during the winter nut may give your system a chance to get through the winter. If you see signs of your septic tank failing, I suggest you get it pumped right away or stop using all water for a week and I mean no water is to go down the drain at all for a solid week so the tank and drain field can drain down on its own if it can. We suggest during this time to drop one packet of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier into your septic tank cleanout if you can open it up and close it and keep the area totally safe from anybody or animals from getting hurt. If you can not do this, You can flush one packet down the closest toilet to the tank. Do this every 2 days while your septic system is resting. You can also put a packet of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier down the cleanout between the septic tank and drain field. If you can let your system rest for longer then a week, all the better for your system.  Some septic drain fields have a key to divert waste from a septic tank to another drain field to let the other drain field rest for 2 years. Having 2 drain fields will help your septic system work better with mother nature. Not every septic tank system has 2 drain fields but the better ones do.

      With the above tips, You may get through the winter without a septic failure.

BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier.

Septic System Covid-19: Tips on how to stop a future problem.

     The Covid-19 virus is starting to affect the performance of all septic systems for late summer, fall and in some spots that freeze early, The winter. Before the Covid-19 virus people generally are away from their homes for 10 hours a day. This also means that your septic system besides “resting” at night for 6 to 8 hours, It “Rested” 10 hours during the day also.  This was a lot of “Resting” of a septic system that when working like it was designed for, Mother Nature would take over during these “Resting” times. The more time Mother Nature has time to treat and dispose of your septic waste, The better your septic system will perform.     Now the whole family is home and that means more waste is being sent to your septic system to process and not have time to do it the way it was designed to at Mother Nature’s speed ( and that is slow!) What you do now will affect how your septic system will operate in the late summer, fall and the winter.      What can you do right now to not have problems in the summer, fall, and winter?

1. Stop running water going down a drain. Brush your teeth with the water off. Just turn on the water to wash off your toothbrush and turn it right off when you are done.

2. Fix or turn off that leaky toilet. Any extra water going down a drain of a non flushed toilet will fill your septic system.

3. Short showers. 5 Minutes MAX per person in the shower and only one shower per day, and spaced out by a solid 24 hours. Even better, Turn off the water when not rinsing off.

4. Change your shower head for a 1.5 GPM one and do the same with your kitchen or bath faucets. Changed them to a 1.0 GPM aerator.

5. Make sure all gutter downspouts are not tied to your septic system.

6. Take your laundry to the laundry mat. This will take a lot of water load off your septic system.

7.  Use water only when your drain field dries out completely.

8.   Use your BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. Use one packet down your toilet every 2 weeks until your drain field dries out. (This is an important step!) Go back to the once packer per month only after your drain field is dry.

     These are just some tips on how to keep control of your septic system during the Covid-19 virus and hopefully get you back on track for a trouble-free system.

Septic Tank care tips during the Covid-19 Virus.

     During the Covid-19 aka Coronavirus with the whole family being forced to stay home, Your septic tank system is taking a beating. Extra loads of laundry, showers, washing your hands to brushing your teeth, All this harms your septic system and summer is just around the corner. Any household cleaners contain “Anti Septic”  that murder the septic tank bacteria already in your septic tank system. This upsets your septic tank and drain field and slows them down in treating the septic waste it handles besides overloading the system.


So how do you get your septic system summer ready during the

covid-19 virus pandemic?

     Well here is the bottom line, You and your family’s health is more important then any septic system. You can not stop the consent cleaning of your home and your hands, You can’t stop using “anti Septic” and you can’t stop doing anything and everything from getting the Covid-19 virus. What I would suggest you do is to follow the amount of cleaners that the manufacture recommends for them as people tend to use way more then is advised by the manufacture. space out the laundry to once a week and it you have to do more, Go to the local laundry mat. Showers keep to 5 min’s or less and try to use as little as water as possible and the same thing to brushing your teeth. Do not let the water run at all for anything!

For more information on the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier