Septic Tank Bacteria or a New Septic Tank System?

One of the most asked questions we receive is should I get septic tank bacteria or a new septic tank system? New septic systems are expensive There are no cheap septic system installations that cost less than septic tank bacteria. That’s a fact that a lot of septic installers hate to admit. Septic Tank Bacteria or a New Septic Tank System, To us, This is a no-brainer as we know what septic tank bacteria can and can’t do. 

  •      Septic Tank Bacteria can turn around a failed septic system over time  Yes over time.

If any septic tank product claims to turn around your non-working septic system into a working septic system overnight, Either they have a non-environmentally friendly septic product or they may have a product that may work in maybe a very small percentage of septic systems, like .01 % of all septic systems. 

Generally, you will also find the people behind the product have no direct working experience or knowledge of working septic systems. We work on septic systems every day for over 25 plus years.

We know what septic tank bacteria can and can not do.

     Sadly there are some companies who sell a “Cure All” septic tank product just like back in the old days a hundred-plus years ago. They never seem to work but you have to buy more and more of it to get it to work.

  •      Keep in mind also, If you need a good surgeon, You do not go to the local hardware or big box store for one, and with septic tank bacteria, you do not buy from the local hardware store, supermarket, or big box store for septic advice or septic bacteria products. This will cost you many thousands in the long run. We are looking to save you money.

Septic Tank Bacteria or a New Septic Tank System? What can Septic Tank Bacteria do?

  Septic Tank Bacteria can, over TIME. With just some bacteria, Will turn around a failed septic system. Time can mean years for an abused septic system and time can be as soon as 2 months.

Septic Tank Bacteria or a New Septic Tank System? If you want instant Results:

     If you want instant results, Get it pumped, and when it backs up again and it will very soon, Get it pumped again. In this case, I’d advise a new drain field installed and let the old drain field and septic tank bacteria do what Mother Nature designed them to do.

By giving at least a year’s time to work. You can isolate the old septic drain field from the new septic drain field with a tee and a valve, and let the bacteria and Mother Nature work, And it will.

Septic Tank Bacteria: Totally failed septic system:

If you had a totally failed septic system and want to bring it back to life with septic bacteria, This can be done by adding one packet of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier down your toilet once a week.

If you have an inspection port on your septic tank, You can monitor the change in the tank bacteria just by looking into it. It may take 2 or more weeks before a noticeable change in the septic tank’s waste scum layer{The top floating layer in a septic tank}. You will see it look more liquefied. If it’s going in this direction, Just keep adding one packet of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier to the septic tank once a week until it’s totally liquefied. 

     If after 2 or 3 weeks nothing has changed, Flush one packet every 3 days down your toilet until you see a change in the septic tank, then go back to a once-a-week packet until totally liquefied.

Please micro-manage your water usage to use as little water as possible during this time and do not use anything anti-septic. Flush only when you have to. Once the good bacteria populate the tank and clean it up, They will then enter the drain field to go to work on it then.

This is still way cheaper than a new septic system installed.

What the Heck Is Truly septic bacteria-safe toilet paper?

What the Heck Is Truly septic bacteria-safe toilet paper?

We all use toilet paper and some toilet paper is better than others when it comes to your septic system But What the Heck Is Truly septic bacteria-safe toilet paper? 

“Septic Safe” toilet paper?

     Septic safe toilet paper is basically a marketing ploy by some big toilet manufacturers to make their toilet paper sell to people who have septic tanks. 

What does “Septic Safe” toilet paper mean?

     It means it will not harm the physical structure of your Poly or Concrete septic tank or your plastic pipe drain field or Cultec chamber system.

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What septic safe toilet paper does not mean:

     It does not mean it does not murder the good septic tank bacteria that is growing in your septic tank or break down lighting fast so your septic tank bacteria can go to work on it and break it down and digest it.     

This also means you have to use septic tank bacteria packets every month to offset the heavy bleached toilet paper slowly breaking down. When you use most toilet paper on the market, It’s like adding septic tank bacteria-killing bleach to your expensive septic tank!

What the Heck Is Truly septic bacteria-safe toilet paper?

RV toilet paper was designed to break down very fast into a small holding tank in an RV holding tank, To be dumped at an RV dumping station generally found at Camp Grounds and Truck Stops. These dumping stations have requirements of the septic waste being pumped into their advanced treatment systems and one of them is a low bleach content. Bleach is a killer of good septic tank bacteria.

Do septic tanks shake rattle and roll?

    Please keep in mind that RV toilet paper breaks down when the RV is moving also. Septic tanks in a home do not move unless there is an aeration treatment unit installed that would at some point in time during the day, will help mix the septic waste solution, grow septic tank bacteria and help break down the toilet paper. Aeration treatment units also counteract the bleach in the toilet paper over time.


 The best toilet paper for septic tank systems:

RV toilet paper is the best to use with a septic tank. Next is a single-ply toilet paper.The “Soft” toilet paper is very bad for septic tanks because it takes a long time to break down, Unlike single-ply toilet paper. To help offset bleach, You must use BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier once a month to help break down the bleach in the toilet paper.

Good luck in controlling and taming your septic tank!