BioForce Combo Special


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BioForce Combo Special

Dependable bioForce Liquid combo specialÔ utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of special quality bacteria. This blend of bacillus bacteria strains (both anaerobic and aerobic types) is cultured for their superior ability to digest and liquefy all organic waste – quickly, efficiently and without odors! Works to eliminate drain blockages, odors and sur-charges for food processing facilities. It also contains cellulose that works quickly to break up grease, fat, starch, carbohydrates, and plant fiber waste, reduce sludge build-up and lowers the BOD in the effluent wastewater. bioForce Liquid combo specialÔ is ideal for use in septic tanks, grease traps, food processing plants, bakeries and wastewater treatment facilities to eliminate odors.

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