Septic Scrub: How does it work?

Septic Scrub is a go to tool to inexpensively  bring back their drain fields and cesspools. Its a easy to use and we have not come across a homeowner or professional who could not follow the directions and use septic scrub to the best of it’s ability to get their drain fields or cesspools draining again. If you can pour, your half way there!

    How does it work?    

  • It comes in a easy to use kit form to help restorea Plugged Drainfield or cesspool!One kit will treat 400 feet of Drainfield or1500 Gallon Cesspit or Cesspool.Environmentally safe, Septic-Scrub contains no organic chemicals and does not produce any toxic materials. Septic-Scrub readily decomposes to natural products and oxygen.Septic-Scrub naturally reacts with the buildup of sulfides in the drainfield. This chemical reaction produces a nontoxic material which flows and allows the soil bacteria to work. Another product of the reaction is oxygen. The oxygen does two things, 1) aids in the replenishment of the soil’s aerobic bacteria, and 2) reduces the soil compaction creating passages for water to flow.

Do not add Septic-Scrub to the septic tank.

  • In order for Septic-Scrub to work it must be introduced into the system after the septic tank. If it is introduced before the tank, it will react with the waste in the tank and have no effect on the drainfield.The best way to use Septic-Scrub is to pour it into the distribution box or Cesspool, From here the product will be distributed into the drainfield as flows.


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BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier: The powerful low cost box.

     BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is a powerful low cost septic tank bacteria that is easy to use every month but what is actually in the box? Each septic waste digesting box comes with 12 easy to use septic bacteria packets that all you have to do is drop it in your toilet before you go to bed at night and that is it! The rest is up to BioForce Bacterial Waste liquefier’s powerful and hungry septic bacteria to make it’s way to your septic tank and start eating septic waste. 
     Yes it’s that easy to use and get your septic tank back working like it was designed for.

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BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier by
Bioforce Bacteria waste liquefier by

Septic Tank Bacteria and toilet bowl cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaners are a main stay in almost every home or office. Who does not like a clean toilet bowl? They smell nice and make a great impression on any guest who comes to visit.

There is a dark side to toilet bowl cleaners that nobody who manufactures or sells them will let you know this: Toilet bowl cleaners murder septic tank systems and their leach fields. Everytime you flush a toilet when you are using toilet bowl cleaners, You are sending septic tank bacteria killing chemicals into your septic tank and leach field where they keep on killing all septic bacteria. They also kill the septic bacteria in all your drain lines and you will see drain flies aka sewer gnats come out of your drains.

Toilet bowl cleaners or anything labeled “Anti Septic” murder any and all septic tank and drain fields fast and will cost thousands to repair. There are steps to do before you call a excavator to replace your drain field that you can take that may save your septic tank and drain field system.

Get to a local supermarket and get 2 small boxes of Baking Soda. The size you may use in your refrigerator.

Get 2 clean five gallon buckets.

Warm up clean tap water to 100 degrees and pour that into both five gallon buckets.

Take one small box of baking soda, Take one box and pour half of it into each five gallon bucket of warm water.

Stir both buckets for a half hour.

Pour both buckets down the closest toilet to the septic tank and flush the toilet.

Let sit 8 hours. Use no water.

Stop the use of anything on the label that says “Anti Septic”.

Repeat in one week.

5 days after the last use of baking soda, Buy a quality septic tank bacteria from . BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier comes in 12 packs of septic tank bacteria. We strongly suggest using this bacteria. Take 2 septic tank bacteria packets and flush them down your toilet.

Once a week put one septic tank bacteria pack into your toilet and flush. Do this till the 12 packets are done.

From this point on, use Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier once a month .

This should help save your expensive septic tank and drain field from being replaced and get it back to working like it was designed to.

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Can septic tank bacteria unclog a drain line?

Drain clogs can drive you crazy and always happen when you can’t have a drain line clog. It does not matter what size drain line it is,The correct septic tank bacteria over time will break down a clog if used correctly. Correct septic tank bacteria is the key and not some local store selling you a highly marketed watered down product.

How do drain clogs happen? They happen for alot of reasons like somebody dumping food down a drain that was not sized for it to your field septic drain field line not having enough time to do its job and a neglected septic tank letting waste into the drain field to back pitched pipes that hold waste. This is just a few ways drain line clogs happen.

What to do: The first thing is to stop adding water into the drain line and and let it sit for 5 days. This will dry out the line. Drying out the line will guarantee you that the correct septic tank bacteria product (Like the ones on will have full bacteria count on the drain clog to break it down and digest it. This process will take time. If any product claims to work in 15 minutes or the overnight wonder products, They are not good for your septic, drain field, or drain lines, and will damage them. Ever see pipes melt from so called drain cleaners? We have and even been hurt from highly toxic drain cleaners that should have never been sold or used in a home. 3rd degree burns from a drain cleaner is no fun. Something your local store would not warn you about because they never ever used the products other then getting paid to recomend them.

Using septic tank bacteria to clean a clogged drain will take time and if done correctly the time it takes will be short.

Pour enough of a septic tank bacteria product to back up the drain line and let it sit to do its job. The longer the better. Do not use water for 5 days. The drain may unclog and the septic tank bacteria will then go into your waste system and help that work better. There will be no damage to your pipes if used this way.

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Christmas in July septic tank plan.

Your Christmas is special and who wants it ruined with a septic tank or drain field back up? It happens way too much and with a little planing you can enjoy a working septic tank, drain field and Christmas at the same time!

     I know you are going to hate when I say this but it is actually very easy to do! I hate it when people say that to me when I don’t understand how something works! If you keep to what I tell you, Your septic tank and drain field will be working like it was designed for Christmas!
     Since it’s the middle of July right now, You have borrowed time. Mother Nature does not work overnight but she works when YOU work with her. She is forgiving and only a little bit.

     Put your septic tank and drain field on a water diet. Do not use any extra water at all. Running the water when you shave or brush your teeth is wasting water and that wasting water goes into your septic tank and drain field.
     Wash only full loads of laundry. Anything less then a over stuffed full load is just adding water to your septic tank system and drain field and killing the good bacteria. Doing the most 2 loads of overstuffed laundry a week is the maximum amount. Anything more must go to a laundry mat.
     Use a cap full of bleach only!   Yes a cap full of bleach is all you can use even though our septic tank bacteria products we sell can handle alot more bleach, We still only advise a cap full of bleach for one full load of laundry.
     Take short showers of no longer then 5 min.s in total time that shower head is cranking out the massive amounts of water. Anything longer then that is filling up your septic tank and drain field.
     NO BATHS! Take baths outside and let the water drain away from your septic tank and drain field.
     Use a septic tank bacteria that is not purchased at your local hardware store. The stuff purchased that a local hardware store or big box store sells even with their big fancy names on them are more or less added fillers that just clog up your septic tank and drain field system. Buying a septic tank bacteria product from will assure that it is a quality septic tank bacteria product designed to help your septic tank and drain field to work and not to clog it up.
     I hope you have a happy and healthy Merry Septic Tank working Christmas, BUT it all starts NOW!

Disgusting facts about your Septic System


     Your septic tank was designed to be a living and breathing Mother Nature approved miracle, To operate at Mother Natures own speed and not today’s fast paced world.  Septic Tank Bacteria like Mother Nature has it’s own speed and it is not fast. God Bless Mother Nature, as she helps besides break down the waste, She also helps filter out and clean up the wastewater that leaves your drain field, chamber system or cesspools aka cesspits and bring it back to your local water system.  

     You are drinking wastewater!

Yes you are and you read that correctly, You are drinking wastewater. HOPEFULLY it has been treated correctly before it reaches your lips or showered in it. If it came from your own private well, and no treatment of the water, You are drinking filtered wastewater and not clean bug free well water. . You may not feel any side effects and your body may have adapted to it.  Animals have a stronger digestive system and just know when water is not good to drink.

     How does the quality of drinking water have anything to do with your septic system?

The better your septic tank system operates naturally ( No back ups, Flooding Drain fields etc)  the better quality and clean drinking you and your neighbors can enjoy.

     How does adding septic bacteria help?

 Adding a high quality septic tank bacteria to your septic tank system every month will help mother nature take care of your septic system by adding what she needs to reproduce the correct septic tank bacteria to digest human septic waste you flushed. She will then have all her “Tools” to clean up your septic tank and drain field if given the time to.

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Septic Tank Bacteria and Summer heat.

The Summer heat has a strong reaction to your septic tank and it’s already “Brewed” septic tank bacteria. If your septic tank gets too hot, The temp may kill the septic tank bacteria and if your septic tank gets too cold, Your septic tank bacteria goes dormant.

85 degrees is the ideal temp for any septic tank bacteria to do it’s job of breaking down human waste. This temp must be constant for septic tank bacteria also multiply and make more septic tank bacteria. The more septic tank bacteria your septic tank has in it, the better it will work and operate. This does not mean if you pour 5 gallons of one of our liquid septic tank bacteria products everyday into your septic tank that it will be brand new clean. There can be a point of using too much septic tank bacteria and this would make your septic tank sluggish and not work as designed.

The Summer is important to you, your family and the life and operation of your septic tank system. Use the summer heat to your advantage and start getting your septic tank system ready for the winter. If you add septic tank bacteria now and thru the year, your septic tank maybe ready for your summer bbq’s a d a trouble free septic tank summer.

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Septic Tank Bacteria and the cycle of a well.

septic tank bacteria and your drinking well and why it is important anybody with a drinking well use a quility septic tank bacteria like bioforce bacterial waste liquefier.

      Your septic tank is a living breathing mass of a mother nature miracle and her attempt to break down human waste into something the environment can safely absorb back into the ground so the gray water can return to a water source. The cleaner the return of the gray water the cleaner the environment. Most homes with its own wells will pump up the returned gray water and use it again and again. This is a cycle.      Homeowners with a septic tank can not think of the septic tank as a dump. A septic tank is not a place to get rid of stuff you do not want like chemicals, paper towels, facial tissue etc. Your septic tank was designed for human waste,single-ply toilet paper, and shower water. THATS IT!
     Here is where septic tank bacteria like bioforce bacterial waste liquefier comes into play. Adding a septic tank additive as powerful like bioforce bacterial waste liquefier will help your septic tank work better by digesting the human waste into an environmentally friendly liquid that can be handled by your drain field to bring it back to a water well where the cycle begins again.
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BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier: How easy to use?

One of our everyday questions we get is just how easy to use is BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier to use to help take care of our septic tank and septic tank system?

If you can flush a toilet you can use the bioforce bacterial waste liquefier !  Just one pack down your toilet will help your septic system get full of septic bacteria to break down waste. Bioforce bacterial waste liquefier can also be added directly into your septic tank, d-box, drain field, cesspool or cesspit. We have even heard of it being used in Cultec chamber systems! Yes it’s that easy to use!

If you can flush a toilet you can use the bioforce bacterial waste liquefier !  Just one pack down your toilet will help your septic system get full of septic bacteria to break down waste.

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Septic Tank Bacteria to bring back your failed drain field.

Septic Tank Bacteria can bring back your failed septic drain field. We know this first hand as we have used our septic tank bacteria to bring back failed or dead septic tank systems and with some work, You too an bring back your failed septic tank or failed drain field.

First things first:

What is my Septic Tank System? Your septic tank is a giant holding tank and a filter in one. Think of your septic tank like the oil filter or air filter in your HVAC system. It’s job is to hold waste and filter out the waste and only let gray water into your drain field. In order for your septic tank system to work, Your septic tank system must be pumped every 3 to 5 years, and the more people you have in your home, the more maintenance pumping you will need and the more septic tank bacteria you will need.. Just because your toilet is flushing that does not mean your septic tank or your drain field is working like it should.

     Your Drain Field:
Your drain field is where the gray water drains off to and back into the soil, Gets filtered by the soil and sand and back into a local water source. The cleaner the gray water that leaves your septic tank, The cleaner the gray water is leaving your drain field and back into mother nature.

  So how does septic tank bacteria help?
Septic tank bacteria will help keep your septic tank and drain field working like it was designed to. Our septic tank bacteria at is designed to break down human waste, grease and some food waste. Our septic tank bacteria is easy to use and can be flushed down a toilet to get it to your septic tank.

     My septic tank and drain field backed up/overflowed, how do I get my septic tank working and my drain field not flooding?
First thing is to stop all water use. Do not use your washer or dishwasher at all and let the system rest and get your drain field to stop flooding. Go to and order septic tank bacteria. Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liqueifier is a great low cost choice to order. Use one pack a day down your toilet and one pack every other day into your drain field “D” Box. This will start to get the correct septic tank bacteria into your septic system and bring it back to life. This will not happen overnight and if anybody says they sell a product that gets your septic tank system back to working over night it will not be a good safe mother nature approved product as septic tank bacteria does not work over night. Keep this up until your septic tank and drain field is working nominally.  If after a few weeks this does not get your septic tank system working like it was designed to do, You then must call a contractor to jet the drain field and this will cost many thousands to get done so it is cheaper to use septic tank bacterial from

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