Septic Tank Solids Break Down How to:

     Breaking down the solids in a septic tank is an ongoing process. The “Feeding” of your septic tank between septic tank service is an important one. Use this as your own Septic Tank Solids Break Down How to guide.

Use this as your own septic tank solids break down how to guide

     First things first, congratulations on owning a septic tank system! Septic tank systems are the most environmentally friendly wastewater systems known today!

Septic Tanks are giant filters

     Septic tanks are giant filters that digest septic waste over time. The correct septic tank bacteria will help break down solids better and faster over time.If you or your septic tank service lifts all your tank covers you will see floating on top what is commonly known as a “Scum” layer. The septic tank scum layer is waste solids that the septic tank bacteria have not digested yet. Under the septic tank scum layer is where the magic of septic tank bacteria takes place digesting slowly over time the waste above. This is also known as the “gray” area.      Just below the scum and gray area is where the indigestible solids fall to. This area is known as the “Sludge” level.  Septic tank bacteria will work on the sludge level over time. 

The right septic tank bacteria…..

     Ok, so what can the right septic tank bacteria do? The right septic tank bacteria will attack the sludge area aggressively until it’s gone and digest the scum layer fast and only as fast as your septic tank system was designed for.

     A clean septic tank means almost all the time a well working clean drain field, So the cleaner your septic tank is, the better for you and the environment.

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