Septic Tank Bacteria and toilet bowl cleaners

Toilet bowl cleaners are a main stay in almost every home or office. Who does not like a clean toilet bowl? They smell nice and make a great impression on any guest who comes to visit.

There is a dark side to toilet bowl cleaners that nobody who manufactures or sells them will let you know this: Toilet bowl cleaners murder septic tank systems and their leach fields. Everytime you flush a toilet when you are using toilet bowl cleaners, You are sending septic tank bacteria killing chemicals into your septic tank and leach field where they keep on killing all septic bacteria. They also kill the septic bacteria in all your drain lines and you will see drain flies aka sewer gnats come out of your drains.

Toilet bowl cleaners or anything labeled “Anti Septic” murder any and all septic tank and drain fields fast and will cost thousands to repair. There are steps to do before you call a excavator to replace your drain field that you can take that may save your septic tank and drain field system.

Get to a local supermarket and get 2 small boxes of Baking Soda. The size you may use in your refrigerator.

Get 2 clean five gallon buckets.

Warm up clean tap water to 100 degrees and pour that into both five gallon buckets.

Take one small box of baking soda, Take one box and pour half of it into each five gallon bucket of warm water.

Stir both buckets for a half hour.

Pour both buckets down the closest toilet to the septic tank and flush the toilet.

Let sit 8 hours. Use no water.

Stop the use of anything on the label that says “Anti Septic”.

Repeat in one week.

5 days after the last use of baking soda, Buy a quality septic tank bacteria from . BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier comes in 12 packs of septic tank bacteria. We strongly suggest using this bacteria. Take 2 septic tank bacteria packets and flush them down your toilet.

Once a week put one septic tank bacteria pack into your toilet and flush. Do this till the 12 packets are done.

From this point on, use Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier once a month .

This should help save your expensive septic tank and drain field from being replaced and get it back to working like it was designed to.

For more information on Septic Tank Bacteria, Please go to

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