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Why Homeowners Must Use Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier

Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is a natural, effective way to keep your septic tank, grease trap, and drain lines working properly. It uses a blend of bacteria that are specifically designed to digest and liquefy organic waste, including grease, fat, oil, protein, starch, and carbohydrates.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier:

  • Eliminates clogs and backups. Bioforce bacteria break down grease and other organic matter that can build up in your pipes and cause clogs.
  • Reduces sludge build-up. As Bioforce bacteria digest waste, they also reduce the amount of sludge that builds up in your septic tank or grease trap. This can help extend the life of your system.
  • Improves drainage. Bioforce bacteria can help to break down clogs and improve the flow of water through your pipes. This can help to prevent backups and keep your drains running smoothly.
  • Fights odors. Bioforce bacteria can help to eliminate odors from your septic tank, grease trap, and drain lines. This can make your home more pleasant to live in.
  • Is safe for septic tanks and the environment. Bioforce bacteria are non-toxic and safe for septic tanks and the environment.

How to use Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier:

Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is easy to use. Simply add the recommended amount of product to your septic tank, grease trap, or drain lines. You can use Bioforce bacteria on a regular basis to keep your system working properly, or you can use it as a treatment for a clogged drain or septic tank. BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier one-year supply comes in a case of 12 water-soluble packets that you just place in your toilet and flush!


Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is a safe, effective way to keep your septic tank, grease trap, and drain lines working properly. It is a natural product that is free of harsh chemicals, and it is safe for the environment. If you are looking for a way to improve the performance of your septic system, Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is a great option.

Order your septic tank bacteria today and start protecting your investment!

bioforce bacterial waste liquefier septic tank by septictankbacteria.BioForce septic product.

How to use

1. Place an order from us. By placing an order from us and us only, Besides getting a great product, You also get access to over 40 years of experience in the septic install, troubleshooting, and bacteria industry. We wear dickie work uniforms to work and get our hands dirty every day, unlike almost all other companies.
2. Take one pouch of BioForce septic product and place it in your toilet and flush and IMMEDIATELY WASH YOUR HANDS THEN STORE FAR AWAY FROM ANYBODY WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT.  Keep out of reach of children.
3. We suggest using it at night and flushing the toilet twice.
4. Use once a month unless you have a chronic or active septic tank problem. You can use it once a week until ponding in a drain field stops or until the level in your septic tank drops to below the outgoing tee leaving the septic tank. (Inspect from a safe distance only!)
5. Conserve all water that goes to your septic tank. Make sure you have water savers on all points of use water fixtures.
6. Enjoy knowing you are helping to protect your environment by using this product!
BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is a bioforce septic product excellent for all septic tanks and septic systems.

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