This Is Your Brain on Septic Tank Bacteria and the Fall Season.

    With the upcoming change of seasons where we turn off our air conditioning units and allow the fresh fall air into our homes, This should be your brain on septic tank bacteria and the fall season.

Fall Septic Tank Season.
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Septic Tank Bacteria and the Fall Season.

When it comes to your septic tank and the brew of septic tank bacteria that has been growing all summer long. We call this season the septic bacteria fall season.

     Hopefully, your septic tank is raised to grade where the sun can help give the environment of the septic tank at a temperature that the septic bacteria can grow, eat and reproduce.

Septic Tank Waste Temperature.

     The septic tank waste temperature, to have septic tank bacteria already there grow, It’s “Mother Nature’s Magic”  temperature is between 75 to 100 degrees year-round.

     In some areas of the United States, this magic temperature is not a problem BUT cold areas during the fall, winter to even spring seasons, This temperature is only a dream. Some states freeze completely and this will also freeze the septic tank solid.

Septic Tank Heaters.

     A great solution to keep your septic tank bacteria in the temperature range to grow and reproduce septic tank bacteria is an item known as a septic tank heater.

A septic tank heater will keep the liquid waste at a pre-set temperature. We do suggest 80 degrees if you install a properly sized septic tank heater.     Sometimes just putting bales of hay on top of your septic tank may insulate it enough to keep the septic bacteria growing.

Septic Tanks Must Breathe!

Do not cover up any Septic Vents or Clean Outs! Even during the winter your septic tank and drain field must still breathe!

I hope this tip may help you keep your septic tank and drain field working at its best with the septic tank bacteria you have in it.

Septic Tank Bacteria Help!

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