Do septic tank “cleaners” work?

     Septic tank products claim a lot and most dream up marketing ways to get people to buy their “Miracle” product. Sadly we field calls from people asking us questions about other products with such claims, and a “septic tank cleaner” is one of them.
      Let me say this right now, there is no bacterial”septic tank cleaner” that cleans your septic tank like a pump truck. You can not buy any “septic tank cleaner” and expect to clean your drain field overnight even if they use the word “guaranteed” in their marketing of the product.

Here is what happens when you buy one.

What we do find is that some “septic tank cleaner”s move the contents of a solid abused septic tank and feed that into your expensive drain field to clog it up, And when that clogs up everything stops dead and you can not use any water in your home or office. Not a good place to be as you have to spend big bucks to replace that drain field and pump that septic tank when if you just pumped that septic tank before you purchased a “septic tank cleaner”, You would have saved money.
     Now on the other side of the coin, If you wanted to keep your septic tank working like it was designed to and used a septic tank bacteria every month to keep it working and let the septic bacteria digest your septic waste over time and working with Mother Nature, You would not be replacing your septic drain field due to clogging from a “septic tank cleaner”.
     If you have not pumped your septic tank in many years, I suggest you use BioForce Septic Tank Bacterial Liquefier, One packet once a week into your toilet at night until you see the septic tank waste start to digest, Then use one packet of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier every 2 weeks until you see a noticeable reduction in septic waste, then use 1 packet once a month from then on.     By taking out advice you could save your expensive septic leach field and get your septic tank back to where it was designed to operate.

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Septic Tank Bacteria and toilet bowl cleaners:

Septic Tank Bacteria: You better have it!

Septic Tank Bacteria and the Coronavirus:

We are worried about the Coronavirus also know as Covid-19 Virus. We all know that we have to take care of our loved ones and keep in touch with all of our extended families. It’s natural to worry about the people in our family and others we come in contact with everyday, and if they become sick now, We worry even more. If they have to go to the Doctor or Hospital, They may get meds. Please listen to their Doctors and take them as directed and do not worry about anything else. Life is too short to not to listen and life is the most important thing we humans know.

The extra medications and the family being forced to stay home will tax your septic system to the limit. The meds may kill off the good septic tank bacteria and with your family home at the same time and the constant cleaning of your home, Your cleaning products will be off setting the septic tank bacteria that is already there. This is not a good time for your septic tank to operate like it was designed to and at the speed of Mother Nature. Mother Nature rules your septic tank system and she makes the rules we have to live by.

Your septic system will need added septic tank bacteria to help slow down the killing of the septic bacteria, and to be in front of the curve when we all get back to our normal routines.

What do we suggest at ?

1.First and formost, Take care of your family and loved ones and listen to your doctors, Get extra food, supplies and your favorite games to play. Keep your family and loved ones close.

2. Use as little water and your whole drain system as possible. This will take the extra load off your septic system and give it a chance to rest and let Mother Nature have time to work.

3. Use extra septic tank bacteria. We suggest our BioForce Combo Special for a few reasons. It comes 4 gallons to a case and a year supply of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier packets. If you have a houseful and some are taking medications and are cleaning with anti septics, bleaches and any germ killing products, We suggest 4 to 8 ounces a week of the BioForce liquid septic tank bacteria down your toilet closest to your septic tank system at night before you go to sleep.

4. Use 2 packets of the BioForce Bacteria Waste Liquefier into the same toilet as above as a jump starter to energize your own septic tank bacteria that is in your septic tank right now and one packet one month from now and every month from now on.

5. Keep this up until we get past the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 and you get back to a normal routine.

These are some very helpful money saving tips to keep your expensive septic tank and drainfield system operating during this trying time. God Bless, Be safe and God Bless America

BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier: How easy to use?

One of our everyday questions we get is just how easy to use is BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier to use to help take care of our septic tank and septic tank system?

If you can flush a toilet you can use the bioforce bacterial waste liquefier !  Just one pack down your toilet will help your septic system get full of septic bacteria to break down waste. Bioforce bacterial waste liquefier can also be added directly into your septic tank, d-box, drain field, cesspool or cesspit. We have even heard of it being used in Cultec chamber systems! Yes it’s that easy to use!

If you can flush a toilet you can use the bioforce bacterial waste liquefier !  Just one pack down your toilet will help your septic system get full of septic bacteria to break down waste.

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Septic Tank Bacteria to bring back your failed drain field.

Septic Tank Bacteria can bring back your failed septic drain field. We know this first hand as we have used our septic tank bacteria to bring back failed or dead septic tank systems and with some work, You too an bring back your failed septic tank or failed drain field.

First things first:

What is my Septic Tank System? Your septic tank is a giant holding tank and a filter in one. Think of your septic tank like the oil filter or air filter in your HVAC system. It’s job is to hold waste and filter out the waste and only let gray water into your drain field. In order for your septic tank system to work, Your septic tank system must be pumped every 3 to 5 years, and the more people you have in your home, the more maintenance pumping you will need and the more septic tank bacteria you will need.. Just because your toilet is flushing that does not mean your septic tank or your drain field is working like it should.

     Your Drain Field:
Your drain field is where the gray water drains off to and back into the soil, Gets filtered by the soil and sand and back into a local water source. The cleaner the gray water that leaves your septic tank, The cleaner the gray water is leaving your drain field and back into mother nature.

  So how does septic tank bacteria help?
Septic tank bacteria will help keep your septic tank and drain field working like it was designed to. Our septic tank bacteria at is designed to break down human waste, grease and some food waste. Our septic tank bacteria is easy to use and can be flushed down a toilet to get it to your septic tank.

     My septic tank and drain field backed up/overflowed, how do I get my septic tank working and my drain field not flooding?
First thing is to stop all water use. Do not use your washer or dishwasher at all and let the system rest and get your drain field to stop flooding. Go to and order septic tank bacteria. Bioforce Bacterial Waste Liqueifier is a great low cost choice to order. Use one pack a day down your toilet and one pack every other day into your drain field “D” Box. This will start to get the correct septic tank bacteria into your septic system and bring it back to life. This will not happen overnight and if anybody says they sell a product that gets your septic tank system back to working over night it will not be a good safe mother nature approved product as septic tank bacteria does not work over night. Keep this up until your septic tank and drain field is working nominally.  If after a few weeks this does not get your septic tank system working like it was designed to do, You then must call a contractor to jet the drain field and this will cost many thousands to get done so it is cheaper to use septic tank bacterial from

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