August Is The Thanksgiving Septic Tank.

August Is The Thanksgiving Septic Tank.

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     Right now, Your septic tank, drain field or cesspool is working very hard to keep up with the demands you are placing on it. Long showers, clothes washing to doing the dishes, every ounce of water that goes down a drain will end in your septic tank taking space. August is the Thanksgiving septic tank.

August Is The Thanksgiving Septic Tank. getting your septic tank ready now will help keep your septic system for your thanksgiving holiday. septic treatments and additives  work if purchased from us and your septic tank and drainfield will thank you!
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     Every day makes your septic tank system a day older and it is not new anymore. It takes more time to digest the waste before it goes out to your older drain field.

     Time and space is very important for septics. The more space you have in your septic tank for it to operate the way it should the better it works. The more time you give your septic tank drain field to rest and not take on any new wastewater, The longer the better. If you can go without using any water in the home for long periods of time so the drain field can dry out, That is even better.

Septic systems work better if you limit the amount of water that goes into your septic tank and drainfield.
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     Right now, To get your septic drain field and tank ready for Thanksgiving, You must micromanage every drop of water down your drains. Do whatever it takes to limit the waste of water down any drain. If you have a divert, Switch it to the resting drain field. This will give your drain field time to rest also. It would be also a good time to pump your septic tank dry and clean it up and start using low-cost BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. 2 packets right after pumping your septic tank and one every month after.
     If your septic tank septic system was designed for your long-term needs, These tips should get you a happy thanksgiving and not an emergency one!

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