Can septic tank bacteria unclog a drain line?

Drain clogs can drive you crazy and always happen when you can’t have a drain line clog. It does not matter what size drain line it is,The correct septic tank bacteria over time will break down a clog if used correctly. Correct septic tank bacteria is the key and not some local store selling you a highly marketed watered down product.

How do drain clogs happen? They happen for alot of reasons like somebody dumping food down a drain that was not sized for it to your field septic drain field line not having enough time to do its job and a neglected septic tank letting waste into the drain field to back pitched pipes that hold waste. This is just a few ways drain line clogs happen.

What to do: The first thing is to stop adding water into the drain line and and let it sit for 5 days. This will dry out the line. Drying out the line will guarantee you that the correct septic tank bacteria product (Like the ones on will have full bacteria count on the drain clog to break it down and digest it. This process will take time. If any product claims to work in 15 minutes or the overnight wonder products, They are not good for your septic, drain field, or drain lines, and will damage them. Ever see pipes melt from so called drain cleaners? We have and even been hurt from highly toxic drain cleaners that should have never been sold or used in a home. 3rd degree burns from a drain cleaner is no fun. Something your local store would not warn you about because they never ever used the products other then getting paid to recomend them.

Using septic tank bacteria to clean a clogged drain will take time and if done correctly the time it takes will be short.

Pour enough of a septic tank bacteria product to back up the drain line and let it sit to do its job. The longer the better. Do not use water for 5 days. The drain may unclog and the septic tank bacteria will then go into your waste system and help that work better. There will be no damage to your pipes if used this way.

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