Do Septic Tank treatments work?

     Do septic tank treatments work? The short answer is a big maybe.

In my 40 plus years of working on septic tank systems, Treating septic tank systems to repairing septic tank systems, I have only have seen a handful of that many septic tank bacteria products that actually work and I have seen only 2 septic products that actually have an educated staff behind it and only one bacteria product that actually is sold by a person who gets their hands dirty every day in the septic industry and that is me. My site is By the way, We work closly with a lab to find septic tank bacteria solutions to septic problems when needed.

Big Box Bacteria

Big box stores sell almost anything and some stuff I would buy with confidence and there is stuff I would not buy at all and one of the things is their low-quality onsite products that are heavily marketed and not designed to work on expensive onsite systems. Just ask yourself, If you have a question about the product or what one to use, Who are you going to ask to get an educated answer? Not a big box employee or any hardware store.  Would they even care to even try to get a correct answer? I don’t think so.

What quality septic tank bacteria products should I buy?

There are not many and again maybe a hand few that meet our tough standards. We have had great results with the septic bacteria products we sell. We know what it takes to make them work and how and when to tweak your septic bacteria.

Septic Systems are very expensive!

Yes, septic systems are very expensive to replace. The cleaner you keep your septic system, the longer it will last you. Cheap big box bacteria will never do what a low-cost high-quality septic tank bacteria product we sell. We take the headache out of septic systems for you.
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Do septic tank treatments work?