How do I reactivate the bacteria in my septic tank?

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Your septic tank relies on septic bacteria to break down waste and wastewater. If the bacteria die off or are reduced in number, your septic tank will become clogged and fail. This can lead to problems such as backups, slow drainage, and odors. How do I reactivate the bacteria in my septic tank? follow these easy to follow tips and get your septic tank bacteria up and working better! Let us help your septic tank work!

There are a few things you can do to reactivate the bacteria in your septic tank:

  • Add a septic tank activator. Septic bacteria products that contain live bacteria that can be added to your septic tank to boost the population. You can find septic tank activators at Our BioForce Combo Special is our most popular! BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier contains a “Sleeping septic tank bacteria activator”. They wake up and goes to work when it gets to your septic tank!
  • Use septic-safe products. Harsh chemicals, such as bleach and antibacterial cleaners, will kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. Avoid using these products and opt for septic-safe alternatives whenever possible. For more information on septic safe toilet paper: What the Heck Is Truly septic bacteria-safe toilet paper?
  • Mouthwash to most hand soap will lower the population of septic tank bacteria. Every time you use it! Cutting back on its use will go a long way in the health of your septic tank’s septic bacteria population!
  • Don’t overload your system. Avoid putting any grease, oil, or fat down the drain. These substances can clog your septic tank and kill the bacteria. They will also murder your drain field too in short time! Servicing a grease clogged up septic tank and drain field is very very costly.
  • Have your tank pumped out regularly. A professional septic tank pumping company can remove the accumulated sludge and wastewater from your tank. This will help to keep the bacteria healthy. Pumping will also remove the good septic tank bacteria too. You will need to add our Starter Septic Tank Bacteria. This will help get your septic tank bacteria up and running as fast as possible.
  • Add a “small Package” Aeration Treatment Unit. A small package Aeration Treatment Unit will help reactivate the good bacteria in your septic tank. We only recommend this package from this company. They also work in the septic install industry and like us. They get their hands dirty everyday working in the septic industry.
  • Add another Septic Tank. You can never have too many septic tanks installed in the ground! Hooked up in series, This will help the drain field rest after each pumping of the septic tanks. A resting drain field will dry out. Adding extra septic tanks does not make your installed drain field longer. It may help it work better. We have installed many septic tanks in series when we could not install a bigger drain field. Each septic tank had a septic tank filter installed in the outgoing drop tee. The first septic tank and the last septic tank has a “Small Package” Aeration Treatment Unit installed. When we could not use gravity, We installed Lift Stations to move the gray water to the next tank.
  • Your septic tank is a giant filter. Think of it like the oil filter in your car. We set up the last septic tank alarm. This would turn on when gray water reached the tank at a preset level. This would also notify the owner of the system it’s time to service the septic tanks soon.
Adding another septic tank is never a bad thing! The more septic tanks you have in series the better the drain field has a chance to dry out.bioforce bacterial waste liquefier septic tank by septictankbacteria.BioForce septic product.
BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier

How do I reactivate the dead bacteria in my septic tank ……?

If you have followed these tips and your septic is still not performing properly, you may need to a specialist.

Most of the time, A septic tank bacteria problem comes from an under system. It’s not sized to the people in the home. A undersized septic system will murder your bacteria also.How do I reactivate the bacteria in my septic tank? Here are extra tips:

Additional Septic Tank Bacteria Tips:

  • Do NOT add organic matter to your septic tank, such as coffee grounds, eggshells, and food scraps. This will only add to the “Sludge” level in your septic tank and will require more service to them.
  • Remove all food disposals. Food disposals or food grinders in your sink will murder all septic tank bacteria.
  • Remove your washing machine off your septic system. This will remove a load of water off your sanitary septic tank. This will also give you more time between pumpings.
  • Avoid using antibiotics, as these can also kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank. Antibiotics are excellent when your doctor prescribes them to you BUT not in your mouthwash! When your Doctor prescribes you antibiotics, Your Body will break them down before they enter your septic tank. This is a lot easier on your septic tank bacteria compared to mouthwash. Always listen to your doctor and your septic tank bacterial can be repaired.
  • Going to be away from your home for an extended period of time? Flush the toilets and run the water in the sinks and faucets before you leave. This will help to keep the bacteria active.

Following these tips, you can help your septic tank work properly. The septic tank bacteria maybe healthy and populated. This will save on emergency pumpings, repairs and replacements in the life of your septic system.

Why buy septic bacteria from us? We are proudly GREEN!

We do not just sit behind a desk and sell septic bacteria products. With having over 40 years of working in the septic tank system field.I can help your septic tank work! We have gotten our hands dirty by troubleshooting failed septic systems to installing them. I know how septic systems work and can give you a real-world answer to any questions you may have. We know what tank bacteria works,how it works and why it works. We solve failed septic system problems by wearing Dickie uniforms and not a suit and tie.
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How do I reactivate the bacteria in my septic tank? It does start with the correct septic friendly septic toilet paper! How do I reactivate the bacteria in my septic tank? by
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