What to do when a Septic Tank backs up.

What to do when a Septic Tank backs up.

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Step-by-Step Tutorial: What to Do When a Septic Tank Backs Up

Dealing with a backed-up septic tank can be a stressful and unpleasant experience. However, with the right approach and timely action, you can mitigate the issue effectively. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to know what to do when your septic tank backs up.

Note: If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about any step in this tutorial, it is always advisable to seek professional help from a licensed plumber or septic system service provider.

Step 1: Identify the septic tank Backup

  1. Notice the signs: Look for signs of a septic tank backup, such as slow drains, gurgling sounds, foul odors, or sewage appearing in sinks, toilets, or other plumbing fixtures.
  2. Confirm the backup: Ensure that the issue is specific to your property by checking the exterior clean-out access point. Locate and find your septic tank covers and drain field. Do you see any ponding above it? If you don’t know where they are,contacting your local septic system professional for guidance.
What to do when a Septic Tank backs up Step-by-Step Tutorial: What to Do When a Septic Tank Backs Up . A backed up toilet and septic tank is a sign of a bigger problem and that may include maintenance, sizing or running water down a drain. A undersized septic tank maybe the problem to too many people in the home .Using septic tank bacterial like bioforce bacterial waste liquefier may help solve a backed up septic tank if bacteria treatment and additives are needed in the waste tank. Septictankbacteria.com

Step 2: Stop all septic tank Water Usage

  1. Stop all water usage: Minimize water consumption in your home to prevent further stress on the septic system. Avoid running dishwashers, washing machines, or taking showers until the backup is resolved. Use absolutely no water and absolutely no water down any drains. Go on a water strike and even make it a game to see who can use the least amount of water before a back up septic tank system! I understand you still have to flush a toilet but past using a toilet, Almost all water maybe able to be dumped outside that would have gone down your kitchen sink drain.
  2. Build a shower outside: Building a shower outside in a private area so you don’t scare the neighbors would take a major amount of water away from your septic tank system!
  3. Make it a game to see how little water you can use! Using less water and discovering ways to conserve water in your home with a septic system will go a long way and is like money in the bank! This does not mean you do not have to get your onsite septic system serviced every 2 years. This will save your well if you have one.
  4. Your septic system must be sized to the amount of people using the system, How many people live there and how many woman will be using the septic drain system.

Step 3: Protect Yourself and Your Septic Tank Property

  1. Use protective gear: Before proceeding, put on rubber gloves, boots, and goggles to safeguard yourself from potential health risks.
  2. Clear the affected area: Remove any items or furniture near the backup to avoid contamination or damage. Be very careful around your septic system. Do not walk where you can’t see the ground. Know the general area where your septic system is and stay far away. People have died in septic systems so stay far away from them. Leave this up to a professional!

Step 4: Attempt Simple septic Fixes to your septic tank back up

  1. Plunge the toilet: If the backup is limited to a single toilet, try using a plunger to remove the blockage. Ensure there is enough water in the bowl to create a good seal and apply firm, consistent pressure.
  2. Use a drain snake: For minor clogs or blockages in sinks or drains, carefully insert a drain snake to break up or retrieve any debris obstructing the flow. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and exercise caution. I do not suggest this unless you want to cause more damage to the toilet, sink or drains. Your hardware store snake will coil up in the sink, toilet or drain and will get stuck in them. The only way to get them unstuck could be opening a wall to cut pipe to remove them. This is not fun thing to do and you will be paying more for the service. Sometimes calling a professional just saves you money.
  3. Stop using water down any drain! Generally people do not know how much water they use and a septic system must be sized for it’s users. Just because there is a septic system, It does not mean it has to take what is being put into it.
  4. Use bioforce bacterial waste liquefier. The use of bioforce bacterial waste liquefier 6 months before a septic tank back up failure will help speed up the recovery of the septic tank and drainfield system.
Step 5: Call a septic tank back up Professional
  1. Contact a septic system professional: If the backup persists or seems substantial in nature, it is crucial to contact a licensed plumber or septic system service provider. They will have the necessary expertise and equipment to address the issue effectively.
  2. Follow their advice: Listen to the professional’s guidance and follow their instructions.

Step 6: Septic Tank and Drainfield back up systems take time:

Not something you want to hear when you can’t flush your toilet. All septic systems functions work under a timed event. Mother Nature makes the rules here and she controls the environment your septic leachfield is in. The newer the septic system, the quicker it will react to the waste flowing into your septic tank.

The amount of non big box store septic bacteria used is a factor on how fast you can flush your toilet. Almost all big box bacteria is not what your system needs. Who in this big box store can actually have a educated conversation about your septic system and how it operates and what septic bacteria to use with the clues to why your system failed?

Just because somebody went to “School” does not mean they know how and why about septic systems other then most have a attitude about them thinking they are smarter then most, Or the person who owns a home and just because they own a home they know what their septic system needs to operate.

Septic Tank Back Up Advice

These are the same people who think that they only pump their septic tank when there is a pond above their septic tank. There are the same people who also think not changing their oil in their car and blowing the engine up, Just changing the oil would fix a blown engine. This idea does not work in the septic tank and leachfield world! If you wait until your septic backs up, You are murdering your system and will be spending money for a new system soon if you want a flushing toilet! A septic tank back up is like the warning light on the dashboard going off.

Using BioForce MAXX in your D-Box once a year and letting your leachfield drainfield rest for a month so(By going very very lite on the water usage) The biofirce maxx can get to work and break down any solids that left your septic tank will help keep your expensive leachfield working like it was designed to and open up the leachfield holes in the leachpipe.

One of the most popular leachfield solutions is to install multi septic leachfield systems with valves to help give a septic leachfield a chance to rest. This does not mean you do not have to pump your septic tank every 2 years at a minimum. This means if you have a sluggish leachfield drainfield system, You can open and close a series of valves to let septic gray water leave your septic tank via thru the septic tank filter into a dry leachfield bed to let mother nature preform her magic. A resting leachfield works well if it has a chance to rest for at least a year or longer. A use of lift-station pumps and tanks can make putting another leachfield system on your property an easy thing to do and still let mother nature clean your septic gray water! This is working with mother nature on her own time frame. You can not fool mother nature when it comes to septic tank systems!

WOW, Alot to think about when it comes to your backed up septic system!

Yes it is alot to think about when it comes to your backed up septic system and getting it back to a working mother nature friendly state. I hope the above septic tank tips help you keep the price of maintenance of your septic system within your budget.

If you are not sure of what to do, It is always advisable to call a local trusted septic pumping professional to service your septic tank first to help you get out of “Septic Jam” and buy you some time to figure out the next step.

Septic tank systems are the most environmentally friendly systems and not sewers and sewer treatment plants that remove water from wells and dump treated septic waste directly into streams, lakes, bays and oceans for others to drink!

By helping your septic system work better you are working with mother nature and not against mother nature! Septic Tank systems are Mother Nature approved!

What to do when a septic tank backs up is a sign of failure within the septic tank system but with the above tip and time you should be able to get your septic tank back to doing it’s job.

baby roe deers love a clean working septic tank and drainfield to play around and grow up next to! Septic Tank Bacteria from septictankbacteria.com will help keep your septic tank system mother nature approved for all wild animals and our families!
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What to do when a Septic Tank backs up by septictankbacteria.com

What to do when a Septic Tank backs up. Septic tank failure in your septic tank system can be a headache but with the above septic tank tips onWhat to do when a Septic Tank backs up can help you help your septic tank system back to working like it was designed for! Using bioforce bacterial waste liquefier into your septic tank will help keep your septic system working like it was designed to!

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