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Septic Tank Treatment

Septic tank treatment for a septic tank or any septic system from drain fields, cesspools, or cesspits is very important to any septic onsite system.

Septic tank treatment and the care and proper diet that it receives will affect the working septic tank directly. A good example is if you use an antiseptic mouthwash after brushing your teeth, that antiseptic mouthwash when it goes down the drain and every second it takes to your septic tank thru your septic drain lines, It will be killing any septic tank bacteria along the way that would have been part of a septic tank treatment. The same goes for antibiotics, Anti Virus, Bacterial killers to bleach, and a whole host of anti-septics.

Your septic tank is being murdered every day

Your septic tank is being murdered every day. I’d like to say an attempt to murder it every second of every day. If you are attempting to murder your septic tank, You’re directly attempting to murder Mother Nature.

Free Septic Tank Treatment tips makes every septic system owner or septic tank operator happy.
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When it comes to septic tanks, Mother Nature is a fighter!

When it comes to septic tanks, Mother Nature is a fighter!. Septic tank treatment, septic tank, and Mother Nature all work together in a delicate dance intertwined septic system tango. Septic systems are living and breathing systems. There is a give and take to its daily workings. When a septic tank system receives a septic tank treatment, The septic system tango starts. Sometimes a septic tank treatment may take hours to days to work then Mother Nature steps in and performs her approved “Magic” and your septic tank only starts to digest the septic waste inside of it. This also takes much-needed time as Mother Nature takes her time. When it comes to septic tank treatment, If you work with Mother Nature, You will win, If you work against Mother Nature, You will lose every time.

Let’s go to the septic tank treatment extremes:

Let us say you have a septic tank system designed and installed for your septic tank needs and even before the first flush of a toilet, You have 1500 gallons of a septic tank bacteria product poured into your brand new septic tank. Now you use your new septic tank system like designed and you flush. The waste will hit all that septic tank treatment bacteria and get broken down over time and what can’t be broken down will sink to the bottom of the septic tank. Even with all that septic bacteria in your septic tank that you poured in when it was new, in a few years, Your septic tank will still need to get pumped and serviced to remove all septic waste products and that included what Mother Nature could not break down quickly, to all the septic waste and all the excellent septic tank treatment bacteria.

You are now starting from the beginning of a long game of a short septic tank bacteria life. There will be some septic tank bacteria in your septic tank but not enough to get it back up and running and “Hungry” and ready for the next flush.

Your septic system needs septic bacteria right after pumping.

There will be some good septic bacteria in your drain field but it needs to be feed daily to stay alive. Just after any septic tank pumping or septic tank servicing, You must add a septic tank booster that is designed to work and has a company that stands behind the product that can answer your questions and not some overpriced windshield washer fluid labeled septic bacteria at the big box stores.

If you have a problem with the product you buy at a big box store, Who do you ask for help, The person in millwork? What do they know about the car wash fluid they sell? Do they even know what a septic system is? They don’t!

Who do you call for septic tank bacteria?

You go to our website: and pick the right septic tank treatment. If you do not know what septic tank treatment to choose, We are just a phone call or email away.

Experience in the field counts when it comes to septic tank treatments!

We are not just a septic tank bacteria seller who just opened up a business selling it, We have over 45 years of experience in the septic tank, septic system installation to service and troubleshoot all onsite septic tank systems and know-how septic tank treatments and septic tank bacteria affects the total septic system, And have been offering septic tank treatments and septic tank solutions just as long. We would love to help you solve a septic tank treatment problem.