Can Septic Tank Bacteria Clean Up Dog Accidents?

Septic tank bacteria are live microorganisms that thrive in the aerobic and anaerobic environment of your septic tank. These beneficial bacteria work tirelessly to break down human organic matter including dog waste, into simpler compounds that can be safely released into the surrounding soil. By efficiently decomposing waste surrounded by septic tank bacteria filled gray water, septic tank bacteria may also help prevent clogs, eliminate odors, and maintain the overall health of your septic system. Can Septic Tank Bacteria Clean Up Dog Accidents? Well the answer is MAYBE. Human waste and Dog waste,vomit are built differently by Mother Nature for her own reasons.

Can Septic Tank Bacteria Clean Up Dog Accidents? a yellow labrador retriever puppy sitting on black floor looks cute and we have had many! When a dog does have a accident or vomits in the home, A septic bacteria products like our BioForce Combo Special will help clean up the accident. Do not let your animal drink the bacteria and keep them away from the accident until you can professional clean the carpet or use a carpet cleaner,
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Benefits of Using Septic Tank Bacteria:

  1. Odor Elimination: Septic tank bacteria effectively neutralize unpleasant odors caused by dog waste and Dog vomit. keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. We suggest using the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier.
  2. Prevents Septic System Damage: By breaking down organic matter efficiently, The BioForce Combo Special septic tank bacteria help prevent clogs and potential damage to your septic system, saving you from costly repairs. If your dog had an accident or vomited into your toilet, Septic tank bacteria may break it down over a much longer period of time than human waste. Dog waste and vomit is built differently. It is much harder to break it down.Dogs digestive systems are much stronger then humans, So a “tougher” waste product is produced. The usual method of cleaning up after a dog accident is using paper towels. Paper towels are very big do not flush down your toilet or put it into your septic system. Paper towels or facial tissue will clog up your toilet and drains.
  3. Ease of Use: Bioforce Combo Special is readily available from us. Simply follow the recommended dosage instructions and add them to your septic tank for effortless maintenance. Chances are you are already using our BioForce Combo Special that you purchased from us to help keep your septic system working like it was designed to!
  4. Availability: Septic tank bacteria can be conveniently purchased online at

Addressing Common septic tank bacteria Concerns involving dog accidents in the home

  1. Impact on Pets: Our Septic tank bacteria contribute to a healthier septic environment, which indirectly benefits your furry companions. If your LeachField has a pond over it, This is still dangerous to everybody, Including your animals.No animals should be in contact with a failed and ponding LeachField. Using septic tank bacteria will not make your LeachField ponding safe for animal or human contact.
  2. Effectiveness in Harsh Environments: BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is designed to withstand the harsh conditions within a septic tank, including variations in temperature and pH levels. They remain active and efficient in breaking down organic matter, ensuring optimal septic system performance. Dog waste and vomit takes much longer to break down. Almost all septic tanks were designed for human waste only and not dog waste or vomit. We have built septic systems for Animal hospitals that work to break down animal waste over time. We wrote a piece on what happens to your septic system if you flush dog waste down your toilet and the problems that will happen. read it here:Can Septic Tank Bacteria Break Down Dog Waste?
  3. Compatibility with Other Septic Treatments: Our Septic tank bacteria are compatible with other septic system treatments we offer. However, it’s always advisable to read the product labels and specific recommendations. After a verified purchase from us, We do a sewer your questions involving septic tank bacteria and your septic tank system. Most companies just sell products and run from questions. We do our best to answer them truthfully with the information you give us. Customer service is not dead with us.
Can Septic Tank Bacteria Clean Up Dog Accidents? When it comes to our 4 legged family members, It's important to treat them with kindness after every accident they have in the home! Using some of our septic tank bacteria to clean it up may help. Use on a small spot on the carpet first to see if the septic tank bacteria will stain the carpet.
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Additional Tips for Preventing Dog Accidents:

  1. Establish a Consistent Routine: Train your dog to go to the toilet outside at regular intervals, gradually increasing the time between outings as they mature. Our dogs let us know when they have to go outside. They look directly in our eyes and bark once. Yes, they tell us when they need cold water too. Dogs will communicate with you and will “Train” you to teach you their needs.
  2. Designate a Specific Outdoor Area: Create a designated outdoor potty area for your dog, preferably with a consistent surface and minimal distractions. Pick up after them and toss it into the garbage can!
  3. Supervise Young Dogs: Closely supervise young puppies or newly adopted dogs to prevent accidents and reinforce positive potty habits. Take them for walks if you can or play periods in a fenced in yard with their favorite toys! You will learn their personalities and their signs of having to go to the bathroom. A dog’s love is forever.
  4. Clean Up Accidents Promptly: Thoroughly clean up any accidents indoors. Use an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pet waste on carpet.They will feel bad about the accident. Be kind to them! You will actually see them upset. Give them a loving hug! They will feel that they let you down! Remember, accidents happen!
  5. Regular Checkups: Schedule regular checkups with your veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to accidents. If your pets are sick, Please take them to their Vet ASAP! Once you get to know their personalities, They will basically tell you when they are sick or don’t feel good! If you can, Find a Vet that your dogs love to go to! Our dogs love to visit the Vet who is excellent with them! When they are sick, Seeing their Vet will be the start of them feeling better and be going for walks soon!

Dog Accidents tips

By following these guidelines and utilizing our septic tank bacteria, you can effectively manage dog accidents, maintain a healthy septic system, and enjoy a pleasant odor-free home environment. Please like any cleaning products, Test in a small area first to see if the septic bacteria will stain. Do not let any animal lick, taste or drink any septic tank bacteria or any cleaner. Dog Accidents will happen. It’s best to be ready for them!

Can Septic Tank Bacteria Clean Up Dog Accidents? Our dogs will have accidents in our homes from time to time. Using our septic tank bacteria to clean it up with may work. Do not let any animal drink, taste or smell any cleaning products you may use in the home or outside anywhere.
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