Aeration treatment septic tank units and the recent Canadian wildfires.

Aeration treatment septic tank units and the recent Canadian wildfires by

Recently there was a massive wildfire in Canada where the wind picked up thick particle-filled smoke and covered the Midwest to the eastern United States.

I even smelled it. The air was very thick! Our phones rang off the hook looking for the answer to what to do to their Aeration treatment septic tank units. Aeration treatment septic tank units and the recent Canadian wildfires, we have a tip for you!

What is an Aeration treatment septic tank unit?

An aeration treatment septic tank unit is a pump that takes clean air from the outside, pressures it, and sends it thru a tube and onto an aeration septic tank diffused.

The air is high pressure and the diffuser is fine pore. These clean air fine pores will bubble up the tank that it is in and mass produce aerobic bacteria to be dosed into a leach field or drain field. This is very basic in its description of the operation of your aeration treatment septic tank unit.

The aeration treatment septic tank pump:

The aeration treatment septic tank pump is the heart of your advanced treatment septic tank! It is housed in an “aeration pump dog house” where its only requirement besides electricity is clean air.

From this clean air, your septic treatment unit can breed high-quality septic bacteria. If you do not have clean air, Your septic system stop working.

If you are using our BioForce Bacterial Waste Liqueifier, You can go 2 months without your aeration treatment septic tank pump not working as it should. This is why we do recommend BioForce Bacterial Waste Liqueifier even if you have an advanced septic system like an aeration treatment septic tank system.

aeration treatment unit dog house with a picture of Rocky a cure dog who loves,Aeration treatment septic tank units and the recent Canadian wildfires.
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Your aeration treatment dog house:

On your aeration treatment dog house, You will have round circles with a screen in them. It’s an open mesh designed to keep out animals. It is not designed to take in wildfire-thick air.

What you can do is add a do-it-yourself pre-aeration treatment unit air filter. Keep in mind there should be an air filter on top of your aeration treatment pump. It is not designed for wildfires’ thick air. It is designed to filter clean air only.

What we do is we go to Lowes Home Improvement and get a blue cut-to-size filter and cover the holes on your aeration treatment dog house and use it as a pre-filter.

Look up Lowes Home Improvement item# 552965. You can reuse them when they get dirty, Just hand wash them and let them dry then reinstall them. You can use strong tape that is the same color of your dog house.

We hope that this tip helps you and your septic system work better! I also hope you do not ever need this tip but if you do, You already know what to do!