Septic Tanks and Hurricanes.

Septic tanks and hurricanes generally do not go hand in hand. This weekend in the eastern ocean border states, A possible hurricane may pass thru. It may be a massive rain event too. Either way, heavy rain, and your septic tank do not agree with each other at all.

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     Septic drain fields are designed to move wastewater away from the septic tank. Septic drain fields do not have a one-way valve so wastewater can move from inside the drain field pipe out and from outside the drain pipe into your drain field and fill up your septic tank. I know that was a mouth full to read but very important to read and understand. Some people have built a french drain around their septic drain field to catch surface rainwater and moved away from their drain field in an environmentally friendly way. If your drain field’s soil above it is pitched to the french drain, The hurricane rainwater would then naturally move from the surface to the french drain. This is ideal because you do not want rainwater or even show to sit on top of your drain field.

     Ponding of rainwater on top of your drain field must be avoided at all costs and if you see this happening, I strongly suggest you dig a ditch away from your drain field to move the rainwater away from your septic drain field. Do this even in a rain but be careful doing this!

     What to do if your drain field is was flooded?

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You would have to stop using all water and get the flooded out rainwater off and away from the top of your drain field. You should also get your septic tank pumped dry to let the drain field dry out. Your drain field then has to energize its septic bacteria population but some help is needed here.The BioForce Combo Special must be used in your septic tank to bring back your important hungry septic bacteria.  We suggest using 2 gallons into your septic tank right after pumping and another 2 gallons 2 weeks later with one pac of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. When your septic tank fills up to normal level, It will then dose septic bacteria into your drain field and get it back to normal.

What if my drain field does not drain?     

I would get your septic tank pumped again but not to the bottom and locate your “D” Box and pump your drain field as dry as possible and pour our product called BioForce MAX or the HD PRO septic tank bacteria into each line leaving your “D” box and go very lightly on your water for a month. What can happen to drain fields that had a pond on top of them is that the biomat that build up around the drain field pipe may have covered the holes in the drainpipe in your leach field., And back up your septic tank. The BioForce MAX would help the holes open back up. BioMat is mother nature’s own filter and that makes biomat a good thing.

     I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any questions please go to

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