Septic Tank Systems Environmentally Superior to Sewer Systems.

Septic Tank Systems Environmentally Superior to Sewer Systems.
     Yes, Let me get that right our and I am right. Generally, people who do not know about septic tank systems will fight all day long instead of asking how are septic tank systems environmentally superior to sewer systems.

     Let me dig into some 45 plus years of working and installing both.

I know how they both work and I know what exactly happens when a sewer system is built.  Don’t get me wrong, there are ways to build sewer systems that the sewer treatment plant does not dump raw waste into the streams, bays to oceans for further processing. Environmentally sadly most designers choose not to go that route due to the money being spent on the system.  I won’t even go into the municipal side of this.

     So how do home septic systems work?

Waste comes out of the mainline from your home into the septic tank. The waste gets digested over time by Mother Nature’s best friend, Septic Tank Bacteria, Then the gray water gets “Dosed” into your drain field or chamber system to be filtered back into a local water source. This is the circle of an environmentally friendly septic tank life. This is ideal. This filtered water goes back into deep wells to be used again. Without this, The price of water would go Thu the roof.

     Sewer systems take wastewater from your home or building, send it many miles from your home to a sewer treatment plant where it gets screened, aerated then pumped back to get screened again then aerated then what is left is dumped into a local waterway and not back into a local well. Sewer Systems take water from the ground and never ever return it back to the ground. I won’t even go into the amount of electricity it takes to run a sewer treatment plant.

     Now let’s get back to a septic tank system:

A septic tank system and drain field are owned, maintained by you. It also keeps your well water local. It gets filtered by Mother Nature and all you have to do is add septic tank bacteria once a month! The only thing I can add is the system has to be designed for the home’s needs and that is it! 
Septic tank systems are an environmentally winner no matter how you look at it.

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  1. It’s good to know from your post here that the lifespan of the system is determined by several factors, including construction material, soil acidity, water table, maintenance practices, and others. I wanted to hire a septic service for our house here in Sterling Forest NYbefore we move back there. I think we won’t need so much work to do on it, but we just wanted to make sure before we return.

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