BioForce MAXX Special


BioForce MAXX Special is a 2-in-1 treatment that keeps your septic system healthy for ideal homeowners. septic tank drainfield product.

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BioForce MAXX Special Drainfield Treatment

BioForce MAXX Special Septic Drainfield Treatment

  • High-count natural bacteria effectively degrade organic build-up and FOGs in septic drainfields.
  • One application shocks drainfield with 10 trillion high-performance bacteria.
  • Improves soil absorption and prevents clogs.
  • Safe for septic tanks, leachfields, cesspools, and cesspits.
  • Bioforce septic Leachfield Special

BioForce MAXX Septic Tank Treatment

  • The granular formula helps keep septic tanks healthy and functioning properly.
  • Degrades organic waste, grease, and paper.
  • Eliminates odors.
  • Safe for use with all septic tank types.

BioForce MAXX Treatment Special

Get both BioForce MAXX Septic Drainfield Treatment and BioForce MAXX Septic Tank Treatment for a low price! This special package is perfect for homeowners with septic tanks, homeowners who live in rural areas, homeowners who have recently had their septic tank pumped, homeowners who are concerned about the environment, homeowners who have experienced septic tank problems, and homeowners with failed leachfields.


BioForce MAXX Drainfield Treatment

bioFORCE™ MAXX is a drainfield treatment incorporating a high count of natural bacteria and is formulated to meet the demands of maintaining septic drainfields. One application shocks drainfield with 10 trillion high-performance bacteria that degrade organic build-up and FOGs that cause unhealthy systems.



bioForce™ Granular 

BioForce Granular septic treatment is a dry biodigestant septic tank bacteria product. Same powerful bacteria as bioFORCE packets but in a loose powder form. Excellent for septic tanks, municipal sewage treatment plants, lagoons, and sludge digesters.



BioForce Granular septic tank treatment & additives septic bacteria product.
BioForce Granular is one product used in the BioForce MAXX Special.

12 – 1 pound cans of bioForce Dry Biological Digestant.



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