Septic Tank Bacteria and Weight Loss:

working out with your dogs will help keep your septic tank working by

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Septic tank bacteria and weight loss do really go together. Septic tank systems and the use of septic tank bacteria shows Mother Nature that you take care of things in your control and the environment you live in. Using septic tank bacteria and weight loss happens is very common!

     Septic Tank Bacteria and Weight Control:

Having a working septic tank system does take some planning from the owners of it. Not much but some.  Being in control of your septic waste tank and drain field by using septic tank bacteria and remembering to use it as needed and or once a month takes a “get it done” dedication that carries over into your everyday life.

   Septic bacteria and your personal environment:

Knowing what to eat also helps your septic tank! Junk food in, Junk food into your septic tank and you then have junk septic tank bacteria. This type of “junk bacteria” does not perform well and your septic waste system just slows down to a crawl.

The Septic Tank Diet by

     Knowing what to eat to help your septic tank system work better also means eating the right foods and this we call the “Septic Tank Diet By“. Yes, we do see how a good wholesome diet with some exercise affects the septic tank!

Taking care of your septic tank, your septic tank bacteria, your environment will help keep your emvironmental goals inline with your personal goals for something  like weight loss! by
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Septic Tank Bacteria and Weight Loss:

     Junk food in, Junk Bacteria into your septic tank.  Your body does make some septic bacteria and when you eat correctly, Your body makes excellent tank bacteria! The same bacteria that is in your gut is some of the same bacteria that goes into our septic tank bacteria products but supercharged, hungry, and ready to eat! Eating fruits, veggies and a healthy diet that your doctor advises you will do more in the long run to your health and your septic system working like it was designed to! And cleaner too!!

     Getting some exercise like walking will keep you and your tank working. Now if all you eat was junk food, Your septic tank will suffer a major slowdown. No energy in you means no energy in your waste tank. Not healthy or good for the environment.

A healthy you and your family also means a healthy septic tank!

If you want to get active to help you and your septic tank, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR FIRST and get their green light to work out!

     We also suggest working out with your dog! Get them to the VET FIRST! They will love the time with you, They will let you know it’s time to “Play” with them when actually you are the one working out! BTW, Your dog will love it and look forward to it!

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