Christmas in July septic tank plan.

Your Christmas is special and who wants it ruined with a septic tank or drain field back up? It happens way too much and with a little planing you can enjoy a working septic tank, drain field and Christmas at the same time!

     I know you are going to hate when I say this but it is actually very easy to do! I hate it when people say that to me when I don’t understand how something works! If you keep to what I tell you, Your septic tank and drain field will be working like it was designed for Christmas!
     Since it’s the middle of July right now, You have borrowed time. Mother Nature does not work overnight but she works when YOU work with her. She is forgiving and only a little bit.

     Put your septic tank and drain field on a water diet. Do not use any extra water at all. Running the water when you shave or brush your teeth is wasting water and that wasting water goes into your septic tank and drain field.
     Wash only full loads of laundry. Anything less then a over stuffed full load is just adding water to your septic tank system and drain field and killing the good bacteria. Doing the most 2 loads of overstuffed laundry a week is the maximum amount. Anything more must go to a laundry mat.
     Use a cap full of bleach only!   Yes a cap full of bleach is all you can use even though our septic tank bacteria products we sell can handle alot more bleach, We still only advise a cap full of bleach for one full load of laundry.
     Take short showers of no longer then 5 min.s in total time that shower head is cranking out the massive amounts of water. Anything longer then that is filling up your septic tank and drain field.
     NO BATHS! Take baths outside and let the water drain away from your septic tank and drain field.
     Use a septic tank bacteria that is not purchased at your local hardware store. The stuff purchased that a local hardware store or big box store sells even with their big fancy names on them are more or less added fillers that just clog up your septic tank and drain field system. Buying a septic tank bacteria product from will assure that it is a quality septic tank bacteria product designed to help your septic tank and drain field to work and not to clog it up.
     I hope you have a happy and healthy Merry Septic Tank working Christmas, BUT it all starts NOW!

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