Septic Tank/Covid-19 Fall Winter Problems.

     Septic Tank-Covid-19 Fall/Winter Problems will happen this year. Septic tank systems of all types have taken a beating during the Covid-19 shutdown. Some of the benefits is that hopefully, we had our family and good friends close and were able to help everybody out. Family is the best feeling to have. With all the family at home and using water, Your septic system has taken a direct hit and even abuse of it without most knowing until a problem rears its ugly head like a clogged pipe, clogged septic tank filter to ponding above your leach field.

The next problem is that fall/winter is right around the corner, here is how to get ready.

The next problem is that fall/winter is right around the corner. Septic system problems during the fall/winter season is not something people look forward to like Christmas and the New Year, and most people during the Covid-19 shutdown have totally forgotten about their septic system and basic maintenance.

 Even if you see no noticeable problems, To survive the Fall/Winter without septic system problems will be a challenge this year

     Even if you see no noticeable problems, To survive the Fall/Winter septic system problems ahead will be a challenge this year. There are a few things you can do depending on your budget. You can just go and call in a expensive septic tank pumping company and pump your septic tank and jet your drain field at a expensive cost and that would basically solve a septic problem for a short time. Yes I said a short time because right when you start using that water, Your on a timeline for it to fail again. On the other hand, If you where using a high quality septic tank bacteria product before, during and the future, Your septic tank problems would be way less if you used your septic system like it was designed to operate. Mother Nature has her own timeline on things and her timeline in not overnight. Any septic tank bacteria product claiming to solve a septic problem overnight is just not true.  Septic tank bacteria takes time to adjust, Grow,populate,establish and digest septic tank waste and that is not overnight.

So what septic tank products do you suggest?

We strongly advise to use a septic tank product that you drop down your toilet once a month. This helps you keep your septic tank in your mind with the day to day activity of your home. This is a positive step because you will find yourself using less water and know when you can use some water and not damage your septic system.

     BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier is an excellent once a month septic tank product. It’s low cost and powerful if used once a month.

If you have had problems in the past and want something with a little more punch, We suggest the BioFrce Combo Special. If comes with the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier and 4 gallons of strong industrial strength liquid septic tank bacteria. You use once a month packets down your toilet and every 2 weeks put a 4 ounce cup of the liquid bacteria down a sink. This combination will bring most septic systems back from a expensive pump and jet job from your local professional.

     Just these 2 products should help your septic system get back into operating like mother nature wants and what was designed to work .Hopefully this Covid-19 virus will just pass but the time we spent with our loved ones will be memories that last a lifetime.

Septic Tank-Covid-19 Fall/Winter Problems will happen, But is your septic tank ready for them?

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Owning a septic tank during the covid-19 virus and keeping it in good working order should not be hard and it is not when you use the right septic tank bacteria.