Septic Tank Bacteria and Summer heat.

The Summer heat has a strong reaction to your septic tank and it’s already “Brewed” septic tank bacteria. If your septic tank gets too hot, The temp may kill the septic tank bacteria and if your septic tank gets too cold, Your septic tank bacteria goes dormant.

85 degrees is the ideal temp for any septic tank bacteria to do it’s job of breaking down human waste. This temp must be constant for septic tank bacteria also multiply and make more septic tank bacteria. The more septic tank bacteria your septic tank has in it, the better it will work and operate. This does not mean if you pour 5 gallons of one of our liquid septic tank bacteria products everyday into your septic tank that it will be brand new clean. There can be a point of using too much septic tank bacteria and this would make your septic tank sluggish and not work as designed.

The Summer is important to you, your family and the life and operation of your septic tank system. Use the summer heat to your advantage and start getting your septic tank system ready for the winter. If you add septic tank bacteria now and thru the year, your septic tank maybe ready for your summer bbq’s a d a trouble free septic tank summer.

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