Septic Tank Bacteria and the Missing Titanic Sub:

     We are well aware of the missing Titanic sub and are praying for them. Water is the lifeblood of Earth and we must respect it along with air. Without both, we have no life. A sad simple fact of life we all must contend with every day. This is why septic systems, septic tank bacteria, and Mother Nature is so very important to us. Yes they can use septic tank bacteria and the missing Titanic sub. I will explain below.

     We have many hours of experience in the ocean and below the water line. Yes, I have been on a sub and yes I scuba dive. I have exited and entered large floating “Objects” in the ocean in the past. Without air, We only have a few minutes to live. We know what it takes to survive below in the ocean at great depths and how to in an emergency get to the surface fast.

     When you are in a sub, You are at the mercy of a thin hull to keep the same atmosphere at the surface at the bottom of the ocean. If there is a leak, You must stop the leak or get to the surface fast.  If you lose power in a sub, There are many fail-safe “Operations” to get the sub to the surface. Some I will not say But I will say inflatable salvage bags that will gently raise the sub.

Septic Tank Bacteria and the Missing Titanic Sub: What I see.

     Again I am praying for the rescue of all in the missing Titanic sub.  I do not care how they are rescued as long as they are rescued. I do not care who rescues them as long as they are above the waterline breathing fresh ocean air into their lungs.

Titanic sub missing and cute seal on crystal clear water by
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What I see:

Please keep in mind, I have never seen this sub up close, I never touched it or talked to any of the builders of it. What I see is from as many pictures as I can see online. Now what I don’t see is maybe on the missing Titanic sub. I have been within 350 miles of it many times and this is as close as I have been. I am only talking about my experience in life and the missing Titanic sub. Again what I see may be wrong or elsewhere on the sub.

     I see weights that float the missing Titanic Sub maybe gently to the bottom of the ocean. It would be a rough ride to the bottom of the ocean as besides oceans having waves up and down, They have to move columns of water going side to side in all directions.  These weights may be designed to be “Dumped” and then the missing Titanic Sub would slowly at first raise off the ocean floor and pick up speed as it gets closer to the surface and then even launch out of the ocean and come smashing back down into the ocean. This would be very very violent and depending on the speed, Only those in excellent shape and training be ready for this.

Missing Titanic Tourist Sub:

    Yes, this is a tourist sub. That also means that a few are in shape, trained, or experienced to have the knowledge to keep calm. Keeping control of your emotions during an emergency will help you solve most problems when it comes to the missing Titanic Sub-like problem. Keeping calm will also preserve your air. If you are physically in great shape your body uses less air and using less air means you can survive on a limited amount of air a lot longer.

Missing Titanic sub: Salvage Air Bags.

     Air 2 1/2 miles into the ocean becomes compacted. Think of a trash compactor and how it uses pressure to make something big, smaller. Air at the bottom of the ocean does the same thing and IF the missing Titanic Sub had airbags or salvage bags IF they put a little air in them and started to raise up to the surface, That air would expand quickly and the salvage bags would become very buoyant and pick up speed. So much speed that it could lift the missing Titanic Sub right out of the ocean and smash down to pieces. Keep in mind, It could hit a ship above it if not controlled. Some salvage bags do have a way to release air from them as they float up. Again, I did not see them on the sub but that does not mean they are not there.

Missing Titanic Sub: Yes they had a toilet!

Yes the missing Titanic Sub, Yes they had a toilet! It is most likely either a cassette toilet or even a compost toilet. Again I am trying to find out more information about their toilet but I can’t see how they could have a normal flushing toilet in a sub this size. Larger subs and cruise ships do have normal flushing toilets but they are much bigger than the missing Titanic Sub. If they have a holding tank or gray water tank, they can use a septic tank bacteria like BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier or the BioForce Maxx for larger cruise ships.  We have worked with cruise ship owners on their septic waste bacterial needs. Most medium to large cruise ships have Aeration Treatment Units and very large holding tanks and can dump treated waste that is almost human-drinkable water quality. This is very commendable on their part and we fully support them in their mission to keep the oceans as clean as possible! Illegal dumping even in the ocean is still illegal dumping and we also support the U.S. Coast Guard in their mission to keep our oceans safe for all!

Septic Tank Bacteria and the Missing Titanic Sub:

We pray that they will be rescued soon and safe and may all of this be a bad memory that they can get past in time to come. We pray for their families and loved ones too as they must be in grief and worry about their safety.

If anybody ever asked you, Yes they have a toilet on the sub.