Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer.

Septic tank bacteria and Cancer do not go together. Having a healthy septic tank and septic system, May help the cancer patient be a little more comfortable and not worry about the septic system and wonder if it is working properly. Cancer medications will be tough on your septic tank system, Your drain fields, Your leach fields and all pipes.

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer, And your loved one:

When it comes to Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer, and your loved one, The most important thing is your loved one.  As long as that toilet is flushing and your showers are draining properly, Who cares about septic tank bacteria at this time?

Your loved one needs the most attention from you during their no holds barred battle with cancer. Be happy around them. Please do not bring up memories that may bring your loved one down. Cancer is a battle BUT not the end. You must be positive at all times and not negative around them. Listen to them and don’t fight with them. Listen to their needs and not what you think they need. Your loved one may seem like they are barking orders but they are not. They are asking for something that will make their life easier and not what you think would make their life easier. Right now it’s about them.

I am fighting cancer right now and I will beat it. I will battle it until God calls me. I hope your loved one has this train of thought. God bless you for being there for them. It means the world to them. If they ask for a hug, give it to them and do not try to get whatever they have on their mind out of them. There will be a time and place when they tell you why they gave you that hug. Their hugs to them will mean a lot more than you know. Don’t spoil the hugs.

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer Treatment:

     Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer treatment will kill off the good septic tank bacteria that you have been growing in your septic tank and drain field. Even if you have an aeration treatment unit, Almost all septic tank bacteria will be gone. You must add septic tank bacteria to the system to help fight off the medications.

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer, and your Leach Field:

     Your leach field will take a beating and maybe just like your septic tank bacteria, Almost all the bacteria in your leach field will be almost gone and your leach field will not operate like it was designed to.

 A properly working septic tank system,septic drain field and septic leach field is always ideal and getting it back to working order may take some time but not hard to do. Again this may take some time because the septic bacteria have to reproduce in the septic tank then the entire drain field and septic leach field, Then give it time for mature septic tank bacteria to do what Mother Nature designed it to do. It will take the same time a new septic tank system takes to come up to “Working speed”.

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer: How to bring your septic system, drain field and leach field back to Life

     There are a few tried and true ways to bring your septic system and leach field back to life during and after cancer.

     The Pump the Tank Method: You can pump the septic tank dry and keep an eye on it every week to see how full it has become with daily use. By doing this method, You will help spare the septic leach field from the medications that a Cancer involved loved one may take. This may get expensive over the long term.

I would suggest installing a few very large septic tanks in series and installing a 4-inch valve before your d box and leach field and turning it off. This would make your septic system a giant holding tank that can be pumped. When Cancer Treatment is over, The septic tanks must be pumped and washed down and pumped again to get as much of the septic tank bacteria-killing medications out of its system. Then you have to restart the system with good septic tank bacteria. This way will also give your Septic drain field or septic drain field a much needed rest.

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer: The Septic Tank Bacteria Method:

     You can use septic tank bacteria to counteract the Cancer medications. A good example is the year supply of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. You can use one packet of the 1 year supply every day and this method may keep your septic tank and drain field clean enough to break down the cancer medications, The keyword is it may.

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer: The Aeration Treatment Unit method.

A  Aeration Treatment Unit that takes up little space in a septic tank may help keep the damage down from the treatment of Cancer and the anti-septic medications that go along with it. We do only recommend the one in the link from that company and nobody else. We have seen this model bring back completely dead septic systems from cancer medications back to life. I still do suggest adding BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier down your toilet once a month still. 

Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer: Your leach field and drain field.

     Your septic tank drain field or leach field may need some extra help during and after cancer treatment.  It is not uncommon that a drain field slows down when using anti-septic medications. Clogging up the drain holes in the SDR 35 pipe of your leach field slows the whole septic system down.

     We suggest a product called Septic Scrub to open up your drain field. Septic Scrub must be poured into your Septic Tank D-Box directly.

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Septic Tank Bacteria and Cancer: Your loved one is the most important item here.

     When a loved one is going thru cancer, You should do whatever is best for your loved one. The hell with your septic tank system when your most important job is to help your loved one get thru cancer and to be there for them. 

     Your septic system can be repaired when it’s best for your loved one.  Just like you will be there for your loved one with cancer, I will be there for you and together we will beat cancer and bring your septic tank system back to life.