Too Late For Septic Bacteria?

Is it ever too late to start to add septic tank bacteria?

Yes and no is the answer. You can go years with a septic tank system working just fine before you have a problem with it. The first problem is thinking that you can go years with no maintenance at all and only get it pumped when it clogs up the pipes or backs up the septic tank. This is the wrong way to take care of your expensive septic tank system.

Think of your septic tank system like the oil in your car. You change the oil in your car to keep the car’s engine as new as possible. You just do not change the oil only when you blow up the engine. Replacing the engine when if blows up is expensive so changing the oil is alot cheaper.

Pumping your septic tank every 2 to 3 years is a good idea if your septic system was designed for your needs. The keyword is for your needs.

Not every septic tank system is designed for your needs and not every septic system is overbuilt even when people tell us that their septic system is, it’s not.

Is it safe to add septic tank bacteria to a septic system that has not been serviced in a long time?

Yes it is safe to add septic bacteria to a system even if you do not know the history of it or the last pumping date. If this is the case, We advise to double up on the recomend dose. This may help stop a back up.

If you are buying a home with a septic tank, Treat it like it was abused. Use as little as waster as possible. When you can call a septic professional to excavate up the lids on the septic tank. This will help see how the septic tank is operating and if more bacteria is needed.

Can septic tank bacteria reverse a abused septic tank?

Yes it can if the right septic bacteria is used at the correct time, A abused septic tank could come back to proper working order over time.

Mother Nature and a septic system go hand and hand, and work together, and with a little help from you, Mother Nature and your septic tank could work trouble free.

What septic tank product should I use?

Everyday you should be asking yourself if something you are putting down your drains is harming your septic tank. If you have this mindset, Your septic system will work better. Even if you do this, Your septic tank still needs extra help that a septic tank bacterial product could provide. We do not suggest at all to buy a bacteria product for septic tanks from a local hardware store or a big box store. They tend to be low quality, heavy marketed products that are not worth the price you may pay. Using a store product will also just fill your septic system needlessly.

A good example is a BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. It comes in a year supply of septic bacterial packets that you just toss into your toilet once a month. That one packet once a month is more powerful then any big box store product. You would have to use 2 bottles everyday to equal one packet of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier! Using BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier IS working with Mother Nature and not against her.

What would help my septic drain field?

A clogged septic drain field, septic fingers, septic chambers, septic mound system to even a septic cesspit, When they clog up, It gets expensive real fast to fix and almost all the time, the fix is a new expensive one. 10 thousand dollars and on up to replace a drain field is not uncommon. In many parts of the country, You can not replace or even service a septic system in the winter, So if it backs up late fall, You are in trouble because you then have very limited use of your toilet,Shower, Bath and sinks until late spring!

The best thing to do with any septic system is to always have your covers raised to grade and easy to get to. When you have this, You have a fighting chance to get your toilet system back to working order. BioForce Combo Special will help reverse the clogged up drain field. Just pour one gallon into your septic drain field’s inspection port and let the septic system rest for 2 days. Use no water at all except for flushing your toilet. After 2 days, Take a look into your septic drain field’s inspection port and if you see less water in there, Add 2 gallons of the BioForce Combo Special in and let it rest for another 2 days. After 2 days, Take a look into the inspection port and you should see no water. Add one packet of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier into the inspection port and one packet into your toilet and flush twice and then let the system rest for 3 days. After 3 days, You can use very limited water down any drain. Make it a game to see who can use the least amount of water. This will also let your septic system rest for the longest amount of time and let the BioForce Combo Special work.

What if my drain field still will not drain?

If your drain field still did not work after you tried the above, Septic Scrub maybe your answer, But it will take a little work during the spring and summer to get the full benefit of it. Septic Scrub for it to work like it should, You have to pump dry your septic drain field and every finger before pouring the Septic Scrub in and then let the system rest for a week to let it work.

If the above advice does not work, Your septic system maybe overloaded and not designed for your needs or just flat out dead and the only thing to do is a new expensive septic system sized to your needs.

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