Septic Tank care tips during the Covid-19 Virus.

     During the Covid-19 aka Coronavirus with the whole family being forced to stay home, Your septic tank system is taking a beating. Extra loads of laundry, showers, washing your hands to brushing your teeth, All this harms your septic system and summer is just around the corner. Any household cleaners contain “Anti Septic”  that murder the septic tank bacteria already in your septic tank system. This upsets your septic tank and drain field and slows them down in treating the septic waste it handles besides overloading the system.


So how do you get your septic system summer ready during the

covid-19 virus pandemic?

     Well here is the bottom line, You and your family’s health is more important then any septic system. You can not stop the consent cleaning of your home and your hands, You can’t stop using “anti Septic” and you can’t stop doing anything and everything from getting the Covid-19 virus. What I would suggest you do is to follow the amount of cleaners that the manufacture recommends for them as people tend to use way more then is advised by the manufacture. space out the laundry to once a week and it you have to do more, Go to the local laundry mat. Showers keep to 5 min’s or less and try to use as little as water as possible and the same thing to brushing your teeth. Do not let the water run at all for anything!

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