Septic Tank Treatment during the Covid-19 virus.

     How you feed your septic tank with septic tank bacteria during the Covid-19 virus will make or break your winter.  The septic tank product you use today may stop a septic tank failure in the winter. Septic tank bacteria take time as it is controlled by Mother Nature who takes her time.  Using a septic bacteria product right now will not guarantee a septic tank failure during the winter nut may give your system a chance to get through the winter. If you see signs of your septic tank failing, I suggest you get it pumped right away or stop using all water for a week and I mean no water is to go down the drain at all for a solid week so the tank and drain field can drain down on its own if it can. We suggest during this time to drop one packet of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier into your septic tank cleanout if you can open it up and close it and keep the area totally safe from anybody or animals from getting hurt. If you can not do this, You can flush one packet down the closest toilet to the tank. Do this every 2 days while your septic system is resting. You can also put a packet of BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier down the cleanout between the septic tank and drain field. If you can let your system rest for longer then a week, all the better for your system.  Some septic drain fields have a key to divert waste from a septic tank to another drain field to let the other drain field rest for 2 years. Having 2 drain fields will help your septic system work better with mother nature. Not every septic tank system has 2 drain fields but the better ones do.

      With the above tips, You may get through the winter without a septic failure.

BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier.

Septic System Covid-19: Tips on how to stop a future problem.

     The Covid-19 virus is starting to affect the performance of all septic systems for late summer, fall and in some spots that freeze early, The winter. Before the Covid-19 virus people generally are away from their homes for 10 hours a day. This also means that your septic system besides “resting” at night for 6 to 8 hours, It “Rested” 10 hours during the day also.  This was a lot of “Resting” of a septic system that when working like it was designed for, Mother Nature would take over during these “Resting” times. The more time Mother Nature has time to treat and dispose of your septic waste, The better your septic system will perform.     Now the whole family is home and that means more waste is being sent to your septic system to process and not have time to do it the way it was designed to at Mother Nature’s speed ( and that is slow!) What you do now will affect how your septic system will operate in the late summer, fall and the winter.      What can you do right now to not have problems in the summer, fall, and winter?

1. Stop running water going down a drain. Brush your teeth with the water off. Just turn on the water to wash off your toothbrush and turn it right off when you are done.

2. Fix or turn off that leaky toilet. Any extra water going down a drain of a non flushed toilet will fill your septic system.

3. Short showers. 5 Minutes MAX per person in the shower and only one shower per day, and spaced out by a solid 24 hours. Even better, Turn off the water when not rinsing off.

4. Change your shower head for a 1.5 GPM one and do the same with your kitchen or bath faucets. Changed them to a 1.0 GPM aerator.

5. Make sure all gutter downspouts are not tied to your septic system.

6. Take your laundry to the laundry mat. This will take a lot of water load off your septic system.

7.  Use water only when your drain field dries out completely.

8.   Use your BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier. Use one packet down your toilet every 2 weeks until your drain field dries out. (This is an important step!) Go back to the once packer per month only after your drain field is dry.

     These are just some tips on how to keep control of your septic system during the Covid-19 virus and hopefully get you back on track for a trouble-free system.