How To Increase Septic Tank Bacteria

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     Good question! There are many ways on how to increase septic tank bacteria in your septic tank. Some you can do inside your home every day and some involved buying a high-quality low-cost septic tank bacteria from us, is the first tip on how to increase septic tank bacteria.

The new biggest killer of septic tank systems…..

     One of the biggest killers of all septic systems is using anti-septics of some sort. Hand sanitizers are a major killer of septic tanks and septic systems all over besides mouthwash, bleaches, ammonia to you name it. Even using too much water will murder your septic tank and septic drain field! 

So what can I flush?

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     Anything that is not made for the human digestive system must never ever go down a drain into your septic system.  Items like soaps, conditioner to make up removers, and even more must never go down your toilet.

Facial tissue was never ever designed for septic systems right along with any type of wipes even if they say the world is “Safe for septic systems”. Manufacturers will put that on there because to sell the wipes but never ever had to clean them out of the main drain line. Wipes and facial tissue clog up everything and then expensive repairs are needed. Please make your septic system happy and toss them into the garbage.

     Adding air into the septic tank system will increase septic tank bacteria. Having your septic tank lids and “D” box covers raised to grade will help make your septic system and drain field work better. You can add an air vent between the septic tank and just after your “D” box. Air helps septic tank bacteria mass produce.

I hope these tips help your septic system. If you have a question that we maybe able to help you solve, Please go to, Join our Family and let’s talk septic!

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