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     Your septic tank, drainfield and all drainage pipes since the start of Covid-19 have been taking a brutal beating. How long this brutal beating can a septic system take is up to how it has been serviced and maintained over the past 20 years. Yes I just said the past 20 years of its working septic life but left out how many times it has backed up to how many people it was designed for.

What is a working septic system?

A working septic system is not defined as a septic system that has not clogged, backed up or puddles over your drainfield.  Any septic system MUST be oversized with larger septic tanks and drainfields and not just the bare minimum.

A working septic system is absence of any problems outside of a pumping schedule to keep it clean as possible but then again that is no guarantee on it not being abused. There is always septic waste slipping by your septic tank and landing in your expensive drainfield.
     With all the above being said, Septic tank systems and all septic systems have been working overtime, if Mother Nature allows it. Mother Nature is the boss of your septic waste system and she gets the final say on what will happen and when it comes to a working septic system, She even controls the life and feeding of it.

She does not like a home full of people. She likes it when no waste or water is going down any drain so she can do her magic in your septic tank. Mother Nature does not like Covid-19 and is taking her anger out on your expensive septic system by slowing down.

Why is Mother Nature slowing down my septic system?

Because she can and will. Covid 19 has kept a lot of people home and more people have been working from home and more families have been staying home. Alot more waste and wastewater has been flowing out. Mother Nature takes her time working on your spetic tank system.  Septic tank bacteria is Mother Nature’s “Mechanics” she sends to break down the waste and to clean up your septic system. If you don’t have enough of it, Your septic system will fail until Mother Nature takes her time cleaning it up on her time. Mother Nature is lazy and is a slow worker. How long does it take for rust to dissolve metal? It takes even longer for Mother Nature to build up her septic tank bacteria to get to work and digest waste that is in your septic tank. Before Covid 19 and if you have a brand new septic system installed, You may be ok.

What can you do right now?

     Not much because there maybe not enough good septic tank bacteria in your septic tank. You can get your tank and field pumped out but the side effect is that you are also pumping away the good bacteria also and Mother Nature’s clock starts all over again and she will take her time!

There is a smarter way to help Mother Nature fix your septic tank!

We put together a Covid-19 Septic Tank Bacteria package to help jumpstart your septic tank and get it moving in the direction of pre covid 19. This low cost special septic tank bacteria package will add Mother Nature approved septic bacteria and start to get it back in a working condition and what was normal before covid-19.

Here is a link: Septic Tank Bacteria Covid-19 Help

We hope that the information above helps you understand your septic system and what covid-19 has done to it and how to get it back the way it was before covid-19. Please join our Friends and Family on our homepage to get non website specials we only run for our friends and family!

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