The Absolute Truth on DIY Septic Air Pumps.

     This is the absolute truth on DIY septic air pumps is very very disturbing. Just picking the wrong DIY septic air pump could ruin your expensive septic system!

Please keep in mind, Septic tank bacteria has never ruined a septic system that was installed correctly. 

Yes, The wrong DIY septic air pump can ruin your drain field.

     Yes, The wrong DIY septic air pump can ruin your drain field. I have seen it first hand. Don’t get me wrong, The correct DIY septic air pump installed would greatly benefit your septic tank and your septic drain field. The right one is key. Not everyone is the right one that almost every heavily marketed DIY septic air pump claims to be.

     Most DIY septic air pump sellers never got their hands dirty in the field installing septic systems of all types as I do for the past 40 plus years. I don’t sit behind a desk but most days I am in a backhoe, Out in the field diagnosing septic tank and drain field problems and figuring out why it failed. This is stuff I did not read in a “White” paper. Actual out in the field experience. 

   Yes, the above statement is true. The heavily marketed companies who sell some DIY Septic Air Pump kits are just selling an item on a website and have no background in installing septic systems for decades. They can even have a fancy return policy that their lawyers wrote for them to make it look like you can return it if it’s done ruining your expensive drain field until you read the fine print that again their lawyers wrote and not them!
     Is it smart to have a lawyer involved in a business? Yes, BUT when it comes to a client buying a product from a company, Who are they dealing with? The company or Lawyer?  You should be buying a DIY septic air pump from a company with years of installing and service experience that can answer your questions or give advice on how to tweak the system if needed and not a mass marketing product selling firm.
     We don’t sell them but if a client asked about them, I would only buy one from the people in the link. .

     I hope you find all this information valuable in helping you pick the correct DIY Septic Air Pump to install. There is no one size fits all and choosing the right company may just save and restore your septic system and not ruin it!

DIY septic air pumps.
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