Septic Tank Systems And Oxygen.

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     All septic tank systems need oxygen to work. Septic tank systems and oxygen are best friends and septic tank systems will fail without oxygen. Oxygen in your septic tank brings life to your drainfield too. Are you ready for some septic saving advice?

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How does a septic tank and drain field system get oxygen?

     Septic tank systems get oxygen in many ways. Most get oxygen from having their septic tank covers and “D” box covers raised to grade and lifted a few times a year(To prevent sealing out the oxygen,inspections,repairs ect.)

Some septic tank systems get oxygen from an air pump installed close to your septic tank and a diffuser is lowered into your septic tank that puts fine bubbles of air into your tank. Another way is thru the products we offer. 

Septic saving advice

     We advise this:If your septic tank system is showing signs of low oxygen, First lift all covers up and close the covers. This will loosen the soil around the covers and let some air circulate inside. Sealed septic tank and drain field covers murder septic systems. If your septic tank smells, That maybe a sign of low oxygen.

     If that does not work, Try using BioForce Combo Special into your septic tank and “D” box. Excellent product for oxygen-starved septic systems!

     If you still have a low oxygen problem in your septic system, Then I recommend an air pump of some sort to pump fine pore bubbles of air into your septic tank. This also means your septic tank must breathe, So you will need a vent installed between your septic tank and drainfield. There will be no smell and your system will start to work like it was first designed to.

    If you want an air pump, I would suggest this one only from this company. They are an actual septic maintenance company and not a mass marketing company. They are like us. They work in the field everyday. Here is their link: Septic Tank Aerator. We strongly advise o have a septic professional install it.

Oxygen and septic tank systems work with Mother Nature to help operate a septic wastewater system and bring it back from a failed state. When you work with Mother Nature on her terms you win every time.

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