Super Jet Plus Professional Wash


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SUPER JET PLUS is a concentrated liquid vehicle cleaner and degreaser with a balanced blend of carnauba wax. It is specifically designed for use through a high pressure washer, but is also excellent for hand washing operations. Super Jet Plus will not affect most paint on vehicles, even when used continuously through a high pressure washer.


● Cars ● Trucks

● Buses ● Portable toilets

For hand washing: Use 1 ounce per gallon of water

For high pressure washers: Set dilution rate at 100 to 1


BENEFITS ● Superior performance

Abundance of suds

Completely soluble, even in cold water

● Works in hard water

Rinses freely, leaves no film

Needs no wiping or chamois.

● Added benefit of carnauba wax

  • 4 gallons to a case


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