Can A Failed Septic Drain Field work?

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     Can a failed septic drain field work? short answer is yes.

A failed septic tank drain field can be brought back to life with a little work,ongoing work and some changes to the home’s water usage over time. The answer is yes, a failed septic drain field can be brought back to life to drain again.

Can A Failed Septic Drain Field work? How do septics fail? how do septics back up? if the correct septic tank bacteria is used, a failed septic drainfield may get back to working again.
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Septic Drain Field Failure

How do septic drain fields fail?

     Septic drain field failures come in a few ways. Some come from an undersized drain field for the home’s needs, some come from an abused septic tank that never got pumped every 2 years, Some come from poor installation of the drain field and some come from damage from being driven over or trees falling on them.

Let’s break all of them down:

An undersized drain field. Too small of a drain field will cause septic tank problems because the septic tank needs time to digest the septic waste then dose into the drain field. If the drain field is not large enough, Either you have to call a septic tank service to pump out the septic tank to give the drain field time to rest or you will have repeated septic failures and that means no working toilets.

A abused septic tank will murder your drain field.

     An abused septic tank will murder your drain field. If you have too little septic tank cleaning (we suggest every 2 years at bare Minimum!) Septic tank solids will flow into your expensive drain field and clog it up.

Poor installation of a septic drain field…..

     Poor installation of a septic drain field: It is not easy to install a septic drain field correctly and here is where experience comes into play.

We have lost count on how many septic drain fields over the 45 plus years that we have been installing them but one thing is a fact, Not one failed septic tank or failed septic drain field due to installation. I know what makes a septic drain field work with Mother Nature. Experience counts and expect to pay for the experience. Yes you get what you pay for so if shopping for a new septic tank system, Ask for their Industry Resume.

Septic drain field damage…..

     Septic drain field damage: Septic tank drain field damage does happen. A medium-sized tree, a large lawnmower, a skid steer, a backhoe to cars and trucks driving on top of them. This will murder any septic drain field, and will crush it to death. The only fix would be to install a new septic drain field.

 A biologically failed drain field is when your septic drain field does not have time to rest.  Biomat will grow around it to help mother nature filter out the wastewater. What ends up happening is the time it used to take to filter out is now much longer so your septic tank will hold wastewater longer. You should build a much longer second drain field with a drain field “Key” to switch from the drain field to a different drain field to let it completely dry out. Drying out a septic drain field will bring back a septic drain field like new.

Septic Drain Field Cleaner

  In almost every situation listed above, The solution also starts with using a septic tank bacteria product like BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier for your septic tank. I would also suggest using the BioForce Combo Special. The Liquid Bioforce septic tank bacteria can be poured into your “D” box of your septic system to travel out to the drain field.

BioForce MAX is a septic drain field treatment product that was designed to be added directly into your septic drain field to help bring it back to life. The BioForce Combo Special can be used the same way as a drain field treatment.
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