BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier-Bioforce Combo Special.

BioForce Combo Special

BioForce’s own BioForce Combo Special is a special packaged combination of 4 gallons of the liquid septic tank bacteria product and a year supply of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier!

How do I use the BioForce Combo Special?

BioForce Combo Special is easy to use! If your septic system tank clogged up and had to get emergency service, We suggest one gallon down your toilet at night right after septic tank pumping. If your septic field clogged up, I suggest you pour a gallon of BioForce directly into your “D” Box. Try to equally pour the BioForce Gallon into each pipe leaving your “D” Box and close it up. Please use as little of water down any drain as possible for as long as possible. You want the BioForce liquid gallon time to work and your drain field time to dry out.

How do I use the BioForceBacterial Waste Liqufier?

What do I do with the year supply of the BioForce Bacterial Waste Liquefier? You put one packet down once a month like normal. If your septic contractor says you need a new system, You can put the BioForce Bacterial Waste liquefier up to one packet once a week down your toilet at night and let it work.

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